Best Bald Head Electric Shaver


best bald head electric shaver

The stigma attached to having a bald head has become a thing of the past with more and more men opting for a clean-shaven look even on their heads. This style exudes an air of confidence and modernity that has made many young men adopt it and own it without any fear.

Although male pattern baldness is a serious condition for some, a move towards a self-chosen bald look can help towards further acceptance of the bold bald look. However, anyone who already practices this is familiar with the struggle of maintaining this style as they have to deal with daily hair growth and in order to counter this, it has become a necessity to own a good electric head shaver that makes the maintenance of this unique look easier.

So keep yourself glued to this list to find out more!

Electric shavers not only provide a certain element of authority one has over their own style but also present a faster and more efficient way of getting that super precise and close head shave every time.

In this article, we are going to jot down some of the best electric shavers such as the Skull Shaver Pitbull shaving device that is specially designed keeping those of you in mind who are not afraid to venture forth into the unknown and have what it takes to don a bald head.

Let’s get started with the best bald head electric shaver right now…

Best Bald Head Electric Shaver

Let’s have a look at all the Best Bald Head Electric Shaver and see which one is perfect for you.


Phillips Norelco 7500– Ultra Smooth and Suave

Starting off our list, we have the Phillips Norelco 7500 which, although is not marketed exclusively for shaving the head, is one of the main contenders for the best in the business due to its phenomenal rotary heads which masterfully mimic the contours of the head and provide an ultra-smooth shave.

The best part about this shaver is the fact that it is designed to work on the most sensitive of areas of the skin including the face, neck and head. Let’s look deeper at some of the main features this device has to offer.

High Battery life- For anyone familiar with the struggles of shaving a full head of hair or even maintaining the bald look, the time factor is always an issue. Especially if you add on the time of the beard as well. However, due to the 7500’s strong battery capabilities, it runs for up to 50 minutes after a full charge.

Flexible Shaving Feature- Its three precision blades work along the head and other areas in 5 distinct directions that employ an anti-friction design, making for a very comfortable shaving experience.

Ergonomic Grip- If you were worried about hand cramps that result after handling your shaver for longer periods of time that will not be a problem with the 7500 that hosts a comfortable and ergonomic design.

Waterproof- Unlike some other shavers, the device is completely waterproof which allows the user to use everything from water to shaving foams and gels to have a far more easy and efficient experience.

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  • Great Battery
  • 5 Directional Precision Blades
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • LED Technology
  • Not Designed exclusively for Head Shave


Wahl’s 5 Star Balding Clipper– The 5 Star Treatment!

Wahl’s has always been one of the strongest contenders in all of our lists due to its prominent brand name and reliable reputation. Today we’re looking at a Wahl’s product specifically designed to provide the ultimate smooth head shave money can buy!

If you’re on the lookout for the best electric shaver that gives you that smooth shave AND the closest and cleanest shave, well your search is over because this device promises a “surgical precision.”

So, without further ado, let’s get to some of the enticing features the 5 Star has to offer!

Electromagnetic Motor- If it’s a highly accurate shave you want, that is exactly what you shall receive from this device with its strong V5000 motor that gives the best performance one expects from a Wahl’s product.

Precision Clipper Blade– A fair word of warning to the inexperienced shaver, this model is best left exclusively for the bald look as it’s stainless steel clipper blade cuts down to 0.22 mm of your hair strands making it a formidable device indeed.

Great Value- For the price the 5 Star Clipper sells at, this is the best deal money can buy for balding men.

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However, as we mentioned before, its amazing precision blades and powerful motor can be dangerous if put in the wrong hands as this is a professional model from Wahl’s and in order to get the best performance out of this device and avoid any cuts, our advice would be to work your way up to this one.

  • Strong Motor
  • Precision Blades
  • Compact and Ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • Can be dangerous


Pitbull Head and Face Shaver– Innovation at its finest!

Talk about an innovative take on a common product! The Skull Shaver Pitbull head and face shaver is our favorite when it comes to its unique and kind of awesome design. The ergonomic design is not only unconventional but a brilliant execution of the most comfortable way to finish your daily shaving ritual.


Designed for both the head and the face, the Pitbull offers a seamless and effortless clean shave without tiring you out. So, what makes it so unique apart from its design?

Let’s find out!

  • High Battery Life- Though the previous items on our list lasted long? Well, the Pitbull shaver gives you a whopping 90 minutes of cordless usage! That’s insane! Along with long-lasting battery life, it also allows you to shave with it plugged in in case you forget to charge.
  • Waterproof technology- Its IPX5 patented technology allows for both wet and dry shaving experience that allows you to get to work anywhere you like.
  • Built in Precision Blades- These provide a 10 percent wider shave which not only decreases the time spent in the bathroom but also gives the cleanest results each time.
  • 33% More Flexibility- the special flex blades follow each contour of your head with a certain ease, making your experience super comfortable and precise.

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  • Great Battery Time
  • Flex Blades
  • Waterproof Technology
  • No Built in cleaning unit


Phillips Norelco 9700– Precision Device

We are back again with another product from Phillips which is their Norelco 9700 model and the technology on this model is super exciting for all you avid shavers out there. One of the main struggles of shaving your head is the super annoying patches of hair that are left behind due to less surface area being covered with each shave.

However, that has become a problem of the past with the 9700 because like most rotary shavers it is multi-directional hence getting even the tiniest of hairs every time for a fresh and clean look.

Let’s dive straight into the specs of this machine.

Eight Directional Detection- We have only just begun to look into 5 directional products but what sets this product apart from the rest is it’s unique 8 directional contour detection technology that perceives the curves of your head or face in a way that’s never been done before.

Specialized Precision Blades- The 9700 employs Phillips’s new V Track PRO blades that cut 30 percent closer to the skin, grabbing each and every hair in its way for the closest shave. This means you will end up going back to each area fewer times making for a fast shave.

Customized Settings– The 9700 gives the user the freedom to tune in their own personalized settings as per their desire. With the Normal, Fast and Sensitive options, what more could a guy want?

Along with all of this, the Norelco 9700 also comes equipped with an in-built digital indicator that alerts the user of the battery percentage, need for a clean-up and of the travel lock option.

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  • Eight Directional Head
  • Personalization
  • Precision Blades
  • Not the cheapest option

Remington Short cut Pro– The Real Pro

There are few names in the electronics industry that exude and air of confidence and reliability as Remington and this list would have been incomplete without mentioning the Remington HC4250. If you are into the buzz cut look, then this charming little device is your best friend. With an array of accessories included with the device, this is a formidable electric shaver.

Super reasonable price and a beautiful design that is both ergonomic and unique to the touch, the Short cut Pro is a fan favorite for a reason. Looking at the features and specs might help you decide whether this is the product for you.

  • Affordable and Practical- We cannot stress how important it is to have a budget-friendly device that still gives you the best value in your arsenal of electronic products. The Short cut Pro is small yet mighty without being heavy on your wallet.
  • Waterproof- the device is completely waterproof which also makes sense as it can be easily washed by simply rinsing it underneath a sink at your convenience.
  • Ergonomic and portable- For those of you who shave heads for a living, we do not have to explain the discomfort of holding machines all day. However, the sleek and lightweight device ensures a comfortable experience.
  • Curved and self-sharpening blades- Not having to worry about blade maintenance as much can be a blessing and with slightly curved fine blades that glide along with the shape of your head far easier than other products.

However, to be fairly honest, the poor battery life of this device can be a real pain especially for professionals and those on the go but as far as disadvantages go that’s the only one from this fine model from Remington.

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  • Great Price
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Self- Sharpening Blades
  • Below Average Battery


That is it from our side on the best electronic shavers for the slickest bald shaves. But on an ending note, it is important to remember that no product comes without its inherent flaws no matter the brand or make. So to get the best experience be sure to address your needs first, do a bit of rudimentary research, maybe even do a bit of comparing of products in the market and then make your final decision. Because as with any electronic a shaver is a serious investment.

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