Best Beard Trimmer For Barber


Best Beard Trimmer For Barber

When it comes to electric beard styling tools of barbers and professionals, there is a level of specialization and precision that is required and which quite simply put is not something one can expect from your average styling or detailing tools.

A barber knows the struggle of maintaining beard trimmers after using them nonstop of different shapes and textures of hair. There is a need of continuous up keep of these tools and gadgets so as to keep up with customer demands and the latest trends. That’s why we have compiled a list of the ten best beard trimmers for our professional people out there.

If you feel like this list might help you decide on some new gear to add to your preexisting arsenal or you are just starting out and want some recommendations, this list is for you. So keep on reading and you might benefit from this!

Best Beard Trimmer For Barber

Philips Norelco 7000:

We are starting off our list with a brand name that exudes an air of reliability and trust as it is a pioneer in the electronics business for decades. Yes we are of course talking about Phillips and their exceptional beard trimmer called the Norelco 7000. We are going to be looking at the battery life, which technology is used in the device and some more details about the trimmer.

Long Battery Life

If there is one feature which is absolutely necessary for professionals of any kind working with electronics it is the fact that they need a device that won’t run out of juice on the job. This is a problem that you will not face with the Norelco 7000 as it is powered up by a Lithium Ion battery which will provide users with up to 5 hours of unparalleled charge time. It can also be used while it is plugged in but works great cordless.

Self-Sharpening Blades

The 7000’s patented Dual Cut technology ensures that you get the most out of your device’s blades as they are self-sharpening and will not go blunt or dull or you for an estimated 3 years. The blades sharpen up as they operate so you do not have to spend any time on maintenance.

100 Percent Waterproof

The 7000 is fully waterproof which means that it can be used just as easily in the shower as it can be used by the sink for your morning routine. The attachments that come along with it and the device itself can simply be held down underneath a running tap and be cleaned in a jiffy so you can go about your business quickly.

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  • Great Battery
  • Waterproof
  • Dual Cut Technology
  • No warranty


Wahl Detailer #8081:

We are moving on in our list with a product from Wahl’s superior range of beard tools and trimmers. The Wahl’s Professional Detailer is as its name suggests a tool for those of you in the trade. It provides a premium feel to the trimming experience and its exceptional service makes your job easier. We are going to look at the additional accessories included, the precision grade blade and its superior functionality.


The Wahl’s 8081 comes fully equipped with blade oil and cleaning brush for maintenance, an instruction manual, a red blade guard and 3 attachment combs for different beard lengths. These are included for the convenience of the user who will not have to buy these later on.

Precision T Blade

This device is designed specifically while keeping professionals and their line of work in mind so it is fair to say their T blade is not for the light hearted user. The performance of the blade is extremely sharp and detailed as it comes with a super wide T Blade which is also adjustable. This ultimately provides the closest and cleanest trim each time.

Ergonomically Designed

Wahl’s knows that barbers and stylists need a device that will not cause them any discomfort or pain if held for long periods of time which is why the Detailer is lightweight, sleek and super stylish. Not only is it a powerful device, it is also compact and functional which is the best in its class for detailed lining and trimming, all while being of a considerably smaller size.

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  • Ergonomic
  • T Blade
  • Compact Device
  • Not recommended for inexperienced users


Andis Master 01557:

The next device we are going to be looking at is the Andis Master which comes with an adjustable blade and is a corded device. Andis is well known for superior products in the best price. We are going to be looking at the motor power, main functions and ergonomic design as the main elements.

Magnetic Motor

A device is only as strong as it’s motor and with a magnetic motor with monstrous power, the Master is engineered for a powerful performance. With an impressive cutting stroke of 14,000 per minute, the Master provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience to the professional and the customer both.

Adjustable Blade

An adjustable blade is good for many reasons. One, it can be repositioned as the user desires for different lengths, shapes and sizes. Second, manoeuvring the device becomes a walk in the park as it is built for the convenience of the user. The blade can be adjusted with a range of sizes from 000 to 1 and also allows for zero gapping. This means that the device is the best at tapering and lining.

Ergonomic Design

As mentioned earlier, the downfall of most devices is that they are barely built keeping in mind the comfort of the user, especially a professional who will be on the job for hours and hours. However, the Master is built of a super lightweight aluminium which makes it durable and compact simultaneously.

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  • Comfortable to use
  • Adjustable Blade
  • Powerful Motor
  • Corded Use Only


Panasonic ER GB40 S:

The next item on our list is the Panasonic ER GB40 which is an impressive device as it not only has been designed for professional but it also gives the user some really neat little features such as its 45 degree blades, its LED indicator and its adjustment dial.

Charging Stand

This feature is a seriously underrated one because most people do not see the immediate need of a stand if the device is only going to be in use for long periods of time. On the contrary, the charging stand not only ensures easy and effortless charging but also ensures that the device is placed in a safe and upright position so that it is not damaged and can be picked up easily.

Adjustment Dial

With a wide array of clipper settings ranging from 1 to 10 millimetres, this device guarantees that no matter what your beard requirements, the 19 unique settings will do the work for you and that to with a seamless precision. The adjustment dial is also very conveniently placed and is easy to navigate around.

45 Degree Angled Blades

45 degrees is considered the optimum angle for the best precision based cutting and trimming and that is exactly what you will receive with the Panasonic GB40 S as the blades are sharp, durable and made out of stainless steel that does not irritate the skin and gives you a quick output.

The LED light works as a useful indicator of battery percentage and alerts the user when the device is in need of a charge.

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  • 45 Degree Blades
  • Charging Stand
  • Adjustment Dial
  • No Universal Voltage Adapter


Wahl’s 3001:

We are back with another exceptional device from Wahl’s because their devices offer the best precision based performances each time. The name is one that you can rely on especially if you need to work on so many different people on a daily basis as the machine will not let you down. We will look briefly at the device’s features such as its motor, its blades and what additional goodies it offers.

Powerful Motor

The 3001 has one of the most powerful motors that we have yet to see in any electric beard trimmer as it employs Wahl’s patented PowerDrive technology to cut, trim and design with a level of precision and ease which is unparalleled. It claims to deploy around 35 percent more horsepower than your regular trimmers and promises to do its business without causing any damage to your skin.

Additional Accessories

It offers what it calls the complete barbers kit for all user who purchase it and features a whopping 30 unique pieces that you can use any way you desire. These include several attachment heads, specialized clippers among other accessories.

Sharpening Blades

The stainless steel carbon coated blades not only provide a degree of accuracy and control on the user’s part but also have a feature of self-sharpening themselves as they brush up against each other during use. This means they will last for long periods of time and will give you the best performance each time.

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  • 30 Piece Kit
  • Self-Sharpening Blades
  • 35x Powerful Motor
  • Not Waterproof


Andis Professional T-Outliner:

The Andis T Outliner which comes equipped with special T blades that offer a more accurate trimming experience is a favourite of professional’s all over the world as it is designed to outperform all other in terms of the sharpness, cleanness and finesse of its blade. We are going to focus on the T blade, the way the body has been designed and additional features.

T Blades

We will of course start off our review with the star of the show, the Outliner’s T blade which is famed to provide the absolute closest cuts, lines, fades, details and styles that are imaginable. This is obviously due to its carbon steel blade which gives the user a wider playing field and also provides zero gapping. If it’s the smoothest trim you’re on the lookout for, look no further!


Andis is a brand that not only provides great quality tools but also ensures they are state of the art when it comes to comfort in use. The Outliner is designed with contours that mimic the shape of your face and skin and is also a super comfortable hand held device to use for long periods of time. You won’t regret buying this device anytime soon with the ease it offers.

Long Cord

For most corded devices used inside a barbershop, this is a god send as the 8 feet long cord allows for a greater freedom to move and work as the user please without any physical constraints or issues.

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  • Precision T Blades
  • Great Design
  • 8 Foot Long Cord
  • Slightly Pricier


Wahl’s Groomsman:

The Wahl’s Groomsman is one of our absolute favourites as it presents a unique range of features such as its incredible 2 month charge time! Now, that is insane especially for the price this nifty device comes at. It also has a dual corded and cordless feature that allows for the greatest convenience especially for professionals who have to get to work without a minutes notice and of course we’ll look at the functionality of the steel blades.

Amazing Battery

We have been discussing battery life as a major plus point feature for most of the products that we have talked of here today. But none come close to the absolutely exceptional performance that the Groomsman provides as it has up to 2 months, yes TWO months of unparalleled and uninterrupted charge life. If that isn’t amazing and functional all wrapped up in one I don’t know what is!

Stainless Steel Blades

Stainless steel blades are not only good for precision based performances. Especially if they also come with a high carbon content, they also act as wonderful hypoallergenic materials that reduce the chances of irritation, razor burns, nicks and bumps. They also are more durable and this device sports a 6 position beard regulator that provides many beard lengths.

Dual charging Feature

We have already discussed the amazing battery life that this product provides to its users but perhaps the more useful add on to that is the fact that the Groomsman can be charged via batteries for a cordless experience or with the cord in case you don’t have batteries on hand. It also comes fully equipped with a travel lock to ensure it doesn’t turn on during travel.

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  • Corded or Cordless Use
  • Stainless Steel
  • 2 Month Battery
  • None yet


Wahl’s Lithium Ion Clipper:

The next item on our list is yet again another Wahl’s product as they keep coming up with the latest in professional grade trimming technology and we are not upset about it! This device is only a little behind the Wahl’s Groomsman as it also provides a phenomenal charge time due to its special Lithium Ion Battery! Let’s take a look at what else it has to offer.

1 Year Charge

The Lithium Ion battery in this bad boy provides the ultimate charging time which is almost as impressive as its earlier counterpart. It retains its charging capabilities for up to 1 year which is amazing especially in case the device is not being used for extended periods of time. Apart from that it also stayed charged for up to 2 hours for full use and takes around 4 hours to fully recharge.

Clipping and Trimming All in one

Of course one of the best features that this device offers is the amazing duo of a clipper alongside the trimmer for a great price. This kit is absolutely perfect for professionals because it provides you a two for one experience and a professional can never have too many devices up their sleeves! It also provides the user with 10 cutting attachments and separate taper guards.

Precision Quality Blades

It seems that with each new version, the brand increases the promise of the speed delivery of their devices and that is the case here as this combo promises up to 40 percent increase in the speed at which the blades will trim and clip hair. Of course this measurement is only against their own standard ones.

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  • Fine Quality blades
  • 1 year charge retention
  • Powerful Duo
  • Not Waterproof


Wahl’s 9818:

This is our last Wahl’s product for the day but bear in mind that the brand keeps providing us with great reasons to include multiple devices within one list. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it right? With superior quality comes superior features and a great set of reviews online as well that compels us to talk about the 9818 model.

Additional Accessories

We love any and every add on that we receive with our purchase and the 988 excels in this category as it provides the user with everything they might need in the future to maintain the device without having to actually go out and buy them separately. It comes with four unique attachments that have multiple uses and benefits such as the Detail shaver, the Detail trimmer, the rotary trimmer and the T Blade. And the best part is that these add ons can be used on any part of the body.

Durable Self-sharpening Blades

Wahl’s’ own premium patented technology in terms of its blades durability and sharpness ensures that you receive a precision based close cut providing instrument that will not shy away from all hair textures and lengths. They are also self-sharpening which means that they won’t rust or dull out on you anytime soon.

Rechargeable Battery

The 9818 is cordless which means it gives you a certain degree of freedom and mobility that corded devices cannot. The battery not only runs for long periods of time but also is rechargeable and works brilliantly at 110 volts and 220 volts without any hindrance.

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  • Self-Sharpening Blades
  • Great Battery
  • Accessories
  • Pricier


Remington PG6025:

We are ending up on our list with a product from one of Remington’s superior quality devices which is the PG6025. Remington has been in the electronics business for a long, long time and over the years they have garnered a strong following and for good reason too. As they put quality over anything else.

Stainless Steel Blades

This device has been engineered for a surgical accuracy trim as it has stainless steel blades which are usually used in medical apparatus. These are also self-sharpening which is a common and popular feature in electric trimmers for professionals as they don’t have the time to keep replacing blades with extended use.

An Hour Of Usage

It gives the user a powerful performance with 60 minutes of uninterrupted excellence which it owes up to its Lithium Ion battery which works great cordless.

14 Custom settings

It also features up to 14 length and style options that are inbuilt and ensure the best customization as per your customer’s needs.

Wash Friendly Attachments

Although the device is not a 100 percent waterproof, it gives you the next best thing. As all the attachments that come with it are fully washable. This means that you can wash them and leave them out to dry without having to spend hours getting all the hair out from the nooks and crannies.

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  • Convenient to clean
  • 60 Min charge
  • Custom Settings
  • Not fully waterproof

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