Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men


Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men

Beard trimmers in themselves are mostly the underdogs of the shaving world since many electric shavers have built in pop up trimmers to deal with any unruly hair that comes up. So, trimming is seen as an afterthought to the shave. Taming and grooming facial hair needs to be dealt with different than simply a clean shave. Especially if we look at afro black hair.

Therefore we have compiled a list of the best beard trimmers for black men and their hair needs. If you as a user feel like you aren’t getting the best treatment for your unique hair quality, then this list just might be for you.

Any working professional knows that black hair, especially black facial hair has a unique texture that needs a more tender and specialized approach with more care needed to not overwork the shape and feel of the hair.

So without further ado, let’s get started on this list!

Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men

Ceenwes 5 in 1 Trimmer

Ceenwes 5 in 1 trimmer for men comes with a comb, a micro shaver, a user’s manual, a cleaning brush, a vertical trimmer and trimming comb, a nose/ear trimmer and 4 hair clipping combs in different sizes.

  • Talking about the features, this precision based facial hair trimmer and groomer comes equipped with titanium coated blades that gives marksmanship quality cuts for both edges and straight lines.
  • Next, the powerful battery deploys a turbo boost mode that is perfect for the coarsest of hair textures in all the trickiest of areas with a certain ease. So your nose, ear and neck are trimmed without you ever feeling the pain.
  • Finally, the different combs and detail trimmers allow for a super hygienic cleaning experience as each tool is specialized for a certain area meaning you don’t have to worry about contamination.

This trimmer is best for those of you who sport a tougher texture of hair and need a sanitary and powerful tool to do the job!


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Remington PG6025

From a handy travelling pouch to all sorts of unique trimming attachments, the Remington PG6025 seems to have thought about it all! The only let down is how high priced this machine is, but then again with the features and accessories you get not to mention the good old Remington prowess, we aren’t too mad.

  • Speaking of those features, it’s built and ergonomic design are one of the main attractions. Many times companies manufacture the sleekest models with the fanciest materials but forget that at the end of the day, a good and comfortable grip is all that matters. The PG6025 is made to be held in a man’s hand for a powerful performance.
  • Moving on to the surgical precision instruments that this machine offers, they’re made to last a long long time as these sturdy steel blades are self-sharpening meaning they need little to no maintenance and keep doing what they do best for a long time. The 8 attachments for different functions also come off as effortlessly as they come on.
  • The lithium ion powered battery is also impressive as it promises 65 minutes of unparalleled cordless performance, however here is where things get a little murky. If in case you ever decide the change the battery, the performance isn’t nearly as good as promised.

So if you have the bucks to throw around and are a Remington fan through and through you might want to give this product a go.

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Wahl’s Lithium Ion Plus

The Wahl’s Lithium Ion Plus Trimmer comes ready with a diverse array of accessories such as a detailing trimmer head, a cleaning brush, a beard comb, blade oil, a power adapter, a shaving head, stubble and long hair combs, a handy travelling case and a nose/hair trimmer.

  • The body of the device is not one of your lightweights as it is a stainless steel one without any flimsy rubber grips or plastic features. This is problematic if you’re accustomed to the lighter products but if your preference inches more towards a classic heavy duty machine, then you’re sorted.
  • The T blade is the star of this show as its fine grounded teeth grasp out short and long hair alike with a certain finesse and ease you wouldn’t expect from a heavier item such as this. The combs add a certain customizable appeal to this product and will help you get the size and shave you desire.

However, as a final thought cleaning this device becomes troublesome as it is not to be cleaned under water and it becomes a hassle eventually.

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Braun BT 5070

Unlike some of the other items mentioned up till now, the Braun BT 5070 doesn’t bring as many accessories to the table but nevertheless it features a cleaning brush, a blade oil lubricant bottle, an AC charger, a travelling pouch and 2 trimming combs. All the necessities and yet nothing fancy.

  • The customized blade speed precision dial is one of the best features of this product that allows the user to set the size of the cut as per the hair’s need and growth. What’s best is that this is a very user friendly model with no need for extra instructions.
  • It is also equipped with the most exception stainless steel blades that glide through coarse and thick set hair with ease.
  • The specialized rechargeable battery provides you with 50 minutes of uninterrupted use before you need to worry about charging the device again.


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Andis T Outliner

The Andis T Outliner needs no introduction when it comes to its trimming capabilities as most professionals prefer its stainless steel blades that provide the best close cutting trimming options.

  • These powerful blades are housed in a comfortable and ergonomic body that fits perfectly in your hands and becomes almost like an extension of yourself making your trimming job a walk in the park.
  • No longer must the working man wait for a device to charge as he deals with his clients since this device comes equipped with an 8 foot long power cord so you can charge as you work.
  • The no noise no nonsense motor is not only powerful to work with but also keeps itself cool even if used for long hours at a time.

However unlike most others on this list, there isn’t much when it comes to additional accessories and all the brushes and combs need to be purchased extra.


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Braun 3 3010BT 

For the modern man having a trimmer that gives you both a wet and dry functionality is a legit blessing and that is what we’ll deign to call the Braun Series 3 3010 BT device. Precision beard trimming at its finest!

It comes with, a foil shaver, a cleaning brush, a protective cap, a smart plug, different lengths for both long and short hair and a travelling case.

  • Equipped with a blue rubber grip, it is clear that user’s comfort was taken into consideration when designing this device. The grip makes for an ergonomic design and an easy clean system.
  • Flexing blade heads mirror the contours of your face and three independently working shaving blades cut with fine precision and finesse.
  • With its Ni-MH rechargeable battery you receive around 45 minutes but if you forgot to charge up the device, a 5 minute quick charge will fire it up for one routine shave.


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Wahl’s 9918

This product from Wahl’s range is easy on the eyes and the budget, as it comes with all your maintenance and add on needs. What’s even better is how easy to use and basic the interface is making it the best device for any rookie shavers.

  • In terms of features, besides the lucrative price, it is extremely durable with its battery promising to last up to two months at a time!
  • The battery itself is a lean mean trimming machine that gets you the best precision based close cuts and trims without the hassle of heavy equipment and attachments.
  • It is also incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean, although not waterproof, the included cleaning brush and blade oil are really all you need.


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Hatteker 5 in 1 Beard Trimmer Kit

This device from Hatteker is the ultimate 5 in 1 trimming experience as its unique and impressive shaving system allows for the user to tackle everything from the face to those hard to reach nose and neck areas.

  • This design is a fully waterproof one which means cleaning the device will be a smooth experience. Just run it under the water and you’re good to go.
  • With a longer charge time as compared to 60 minutes of use, we’re not impressed. However, the lithium-ion charged battery never falters even when it’s running low on juice.
  • The precision gap blades that are made of stainless steel ensure that the face or any other areas receive no excess heat or friction to irritate the skin.


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Sminiker 5 in 1

This device is absolutely jam-packed with accessories including a precision trimmer, a comb, a micro shaver, beard and vertical combs, a trimmer, a nose/ ear trimmer, a cleaning brush, a micro shaver, and a charger!

  • Coming in with a wet or dry functionality, this kit is waterproof, making for a smooth and hassle-free clean. It also comes with a whole array of cleaning and maintenance kit accessories.
  • The LED charge indicator is one of the best things about this device as it lets the user know exactly how much battery is left and makes their lives much easier. It allows for both cordless and power cord enabled charging.
  • It comes with sharp and durable blades that are coated with titanium which provides the best trimming experience.


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Philips Norelco BT5215

Many brands give you the best precision blades that do a bang-up job and powerful motors that give high performance but what most companies leave out is the after-effects of using their devices.

  • Irritation, redness, burns, cuts and acne breakouts are some of the main consequences but not with the BT5215 as its steel blades crafted in a way that prevents nicks and irritation.
  • Lift and trim technology enables the steel blades to tackle long lying flat hairs as well as the superfine and short ones, making for an effortless routine job.
  • Its lithium, ion charged battery provides you with an impressive 70 minutes of charge time which is more than enough for 30 or so shaves in one go.


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Panasonic ER0GB40-S

Handy length dial right down the front middle ensures that users can set up their preferences for each trim which will give them a customized cut each time.

  • With 14 different trimming options, the only thing you’ll have trouble with is choosing which one to use first.
  • Not all users are comfortable with a dry trim as it sometimes gives an uneven shaping and detailing. However, since this device is waterproof you can wet the hair to know exactly what you’re dealing with.
  • This dual functionality also makes the device super easy to clean.


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