Best Beard Trimmer For Travel


Best Beard Trimmer For Travel

Part of being a modern individual is being prepared to travel for long periods of time at a moment’s notice for business or even for pleasure. No longer is staying within the confines of a cubicle enough in most jobs today with each work place having its own set of demands. This means that the working professional needs to be looking spick and span in no time.

For those of us with beards, we know how difficult it is to maintain those tresses with ample time on our hands let alone in a hurry. That’s why it’s extremely lucky that the modern man is blessed with pretty modern solutions to his daily dilemma. Because any beard owner knows that the relationship with your beard requires constant care and attention. For that reason the  best close shave beard trimmer is one of our absolute favourite gadget, that every man should have in his arsenal.

This list will be looking into another aspect of the mighty beard trimmer; portability. How easy it is to carry around and transport your tools along with you on the go. Convenience and ease is what we are all draw towards in this busy life of ours. So without further ado let’s get started on our list of the 10 best beard trimmers perfectly suited for travel.If you want a device that offers the most accessories along with portability, then we recommend the Wahl’s Lithium Ion Plus 9818 but if you’re still not convinced keep reading on!

Best Beard Trimmer For Travel


Con Airman Flex Head Trimmer:

The first product we’ve chosen for our list is the Con Airman Flex Head Trimmer which specializes in perfecting the stubble look. This device is of course equipped with a lithium ion charged battery that allows for efficient cordless use for longer periods of time without any lag.

It provides the user with up to 1 hour of uninterrupted charging thanks to its powerful battery. However unlike other models, it functions brilliantly even when its battery is nearing its end. This means whether you are on holiday or you are getting ready for that business meeting out of town, this handy gadget can be taken along for the ride.

Other than its impressive battery life and portability specs, the Flex Head trimmer has more tricks up its sleeves as it is completely waterproof meaning it can be used wet or dry, as the user pleases. This also means that it will be extremely easy to wash out and its maintenance is a breeze. Just run it under a tap and leave to air dry.

Furthermore, the Flex Head gives the user the ultimate freedom to shape and trim with a floating head that contours the shape of your face effortlessly and comfortably. It has automatic length control features ranging from 0.4 millimetres to 5 millimetres and has 24 different settings that can be digitally accessed.

Of course the blades are as superior as everything else in this trimmer as it cuts and trims with extreme precision. The additional flip guide combs are also very handy when it comes to special detailing and lining of the beard.

  • Great Battery
  • Waterproof
  • Compact and Portable
  • Pricey

Braun BT3040:

You don’t have to worry about quality and reliability when it comes to the brand name Braun. It exudes a sense of trust as it has been around for quite some time and has a positive fan following as well. Its beard trimmer BT3040 is no exception as it is not only extremely stylish to look at with its black and blue exterior and very powerful interior that can withstand exposure to water as well.

The worst part of electric devices is how quickly they drain out of battery especially when you do not have access to electricity or charging outlets. However, this will not be a problem with this device as it offers both battery operation and a corded option in case batteries are not available. It’s all about the ease and convenience to the customer with this brand! What’s best is that you can use it even while it charges on the cord.

Furthermore, the wonderful Braun BT3040 also offers you the brilliant option of charging at any voltage between 100 to 240V which means that it is a universal adapter which means you will not have to worry about it not charging wherever you go.

Continuing with its ease of use, the BT3040 gives you up to 60 minutes of unparalleled performance which means that it will remain charged the next time you need it urgently. However, in all honesty this charger does take 8 hours to fully charge which can be a nuisance if you’re leaning towards the battery charge. However if you’re in a hurry just plug the cord in and you are good to go.

The device is also completely and a 100 percent waterproof which adds to the efficiency of use as you can use it wherever you desire and wash it safely without worrying of damaging it.

  • Waterproof
  • Corded and Cordless Use
  • Universal adapter
  • 8 hour charging Time

Hatteker Groomer:

The Hatteker Groomer also dubbed as the all in one groomer with multiple functions is the next product we are reviewing as it not only offers a great compact and portable experience with its lightweight body and exterior but also has a range of other impressive features.

It comes with high performance and high precision blades that are also self-sharpening which means that they get better and better with each use, remain durable for longer periods of time and do not need to be replaced for a while. Since they are made of stainless steel which does not rust easy, they also do not pose any unsanitary health issues to your skin and work irritation free.

It also comes with 5 additional attachments which includes the adjustable hair trimmer comb, the adjustable beard trimmer comb and four unique hair trimming combs that let you style and cut not just your beard area but the body, head and nose areas. Dealing with pesky fly-aways and hard to reach areas is no problem with the Groomer.

The device is also 100 percent waterproof and washable which means that you can use it with any shower or foaming gels you require at the sink or in the shower as its blades are not only water resistant but also rust resistant and will not get clogged by any gels or creams. So your daily routine just got more comfortable.

It also is fully cordless and gives you an hour of smooth and precision based trimming and styling and in case your battery is low, the handy LED display will let you know the battery percentage and will indicate when it needs a charge.

  • Additional Attachments
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless
  • Self-Sharpening Blades
  • Expensive

Phillips Norelco 3100:

We are going to be looking at quite a few products from the Phillips Norelco line as they are all exceptional and powerful devices which all offer the ease and convenience of travel-friendly devices. This feature might be overlooked with all brands running for the best and latest in cutting technology but long battery life and cordless use is also a blessing at times.

The 3100 from the Norelco range is the first device we are discussing. It is user-friendly, comfortable to use what’s best is that it offers a range of features at a very affordable price. The Lithium-Ion powered battery will stay lag-free and powerful for up to a year, sometimes even more. This depends on how well maintained the device is. This means it will retain its charge and charging capabilities as well.

It also comes equipped with blades that are engineered for the most comfortable shaving experience as it they have rounded edges instead of straight ones which does its job just as smoothly but without harming your skin.

The rounded blades are also helped along by the 4 directional flexing heads to provide the ultimate comfortable experience as they glide along the contours of your face, neck and head with ease.

It is also waterproof and has a convenient feature where you can open up the top and run it under running water for a mess and fuss free clean.

  • 4 directional flex heads
  • Rounded Blades
  • Waterproof
  • 1 Year Charge Retention

  • None as such

Phillips Norelco Oneblade:

We are moving on to the Phillips Norelco OneBlade Pro which is another product from the Norelco range but this one is different as it has multi features which makes it a hybrid product that not only trims but shaves, details and edges hair of all textures and lengths. A problem many beard owners share is that whenever they decide to shave their beard, an annoying stubble grows out the very next day which is almost impossible to handle. But this device will work effortlessly even with your 5 o clock shadow.

The powerful and formidable lithium ion battery that it features will give the user up to 90 minutes of shaving time after it has been charged for an hour. We love any device whose charge time is lower than the output it gives so that is impressive!

As the name suggests it has one precision based blade that follows the lines and shapes of your face ensuring that no part is left undone or trimmed. Since it is both a trimmer and shaver, it depends on the super how close to the skin they want to get.

But you can rest assured knowing that the device will not get too close to your skin so as to provide any discomfort or redness. The technology it hosts consists of a cutting system that cuts at 200 times per second and has no problem taking on different hair lengths.

It is also waterproof as most of the devices on our list are since this has become the golden standard for all beard trimmers nowadays.

Phillips Norelco 3500:

The last Norelco device we are going to review is the Norelco 3500 which offers a great value offer which consists of an impressive 2-hour battery power capability after just one full charge.

It has the largest number of precision-based hair length settings that we have yet to see in any device as it features 20. This allows for greater customization of freedom on the user’s part and makes this device an exceptional one.

As we mentioned earlier it provides the user with two hours of continuous use which makes it great for traveling purposes. Just put it in its handy traveling case or put it in your gym bag as it is virtually weightless and be on your way.

This device has titanium blades instead of your average steel ones which makes them 10 times as stronger and this is also equipped with rounded edges that provide smooth cuts without hurting your skin. The blades also self-sharpen as they brush up against each other which is also pretty cool ensuring they remain durable for longer.

  • Titanium
  • 20 Precision Settings
  • Weightless
  • 2 hour battery
  • Expensive

Remington PG6250:

How could any list about great beard trimmer be complete unless we mentioned the Remington PG6250? Remington products are a class apart from all others as they are literal pioneers when it comes to electronics.

The entire kit is designed with stainless steel blades which makes this device a hypoallergenic one. Nowadays due to increased exposure to dirt and pollution, our skins have already become more sensitive and that’s why having this as a feature on any device that will come in contact with your face is a plus point. No longer will you have to face razor burns, potential cuts or any redness and bumps as the blades also stay rust free for longer and last a very long time. No more replacing the blades every month

It is also completely waterproof from blade to bottom. The special Wet Tech formula ensures that you have the choice to use the device wet or dry as per your comfort and needs. Lather yourself up in all kinds of shaving foams, shaving gels or shaving creams and don’t worry about them clogging up the device as it can be easily washed off by simply putting it under running water. It’s that easy!

The device is of course fully portable as it works cordless as well as with a cord that is already included in the packaging and is part of the kit. As it is rechargeable its battery is a super powerful one and is a lithium ion one. You will receive an hour of charge time which is more than enough to tackle your beard along with enough time left over for other areas of your body.

  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rechargeable
  • Pricey

Panasonic ER224S:

Straight off the bat the first thing you notice about the Panasonic ER 224 S is how unbelievably sleek and attractive it is to look at. With its black and silver combination, it already looks like a premium device and although the body is plastic, it does not feel or look cheap.

The blades are not only extremely powerful and accurate but are also spring loaded. These stainless steel blades are also hypoallergenic and provide the best performance when it comes to your trimming needs.

You can also adjust the length settings as per your desire by a handy dial that goes two ways either left or right and is super easy to use. There is also an LED display that lights up as soon as the device needs charging. The power switch is also right down the middle and has an ergonomic feel to it so as to not present any chance of strain on the hands.

Use it wet or dry as it comes with the dual functionality which lets you work your body hair wherever you please without even worrying about dropping the device in water. Wash it out afterwards for an easy and fuss free maintenance.

  • Stylish Body
  • Adjustment Dials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wet or dry
  • Average Battery

Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818 :

The Wahl Lithium-ion Plus or the 9818 comes with a whole kit which includes a charging cord, 12 guiding combs, a traveling case as it is portable, blade oil for maintenance, a beard comb, has universal voltage adaptability, 4 detachable heads, a t blade, a detailing trimmer and an ear and nose trimmer.

It also features 13 cutting lengths which aren’t as many as the previous device we just reviewed by Phillips but is still as impressive as the 13 settings offer unique and different styling lengths which offer great customization even while on the go No more waiting at the barbershop to get that styling you always wanted.

The carbon-coated steel blades mean that unlike some other nickel coated blades, these will do their job without ever causing harm or damage to your skin. It also makes this great for sensitive skins. The blades themselves work with a precision that is unparalleled in terms of trimming and cutting prowess.

  • Lots of accessories
  • 13 Cutting Lengths
  • Carbon coated Steel Blades
  • Not Waterproof

Panasonic ER GB40 S:

We are ending off our list on the best travel friendly beard trimmers with the Panasonic ER GB40 S since it provides cordless operation which is what this list is all about but it also allows for a 45 degree precision-based trim, an ergonomic design and a super handy and convenient trimmer dial which adjusts the device for varying beard lengths.

Let’s talk about these features in a little bit more detail.

Ultimate comfort is what you will receive as with any handheld device, using it over an extended period of time will likely result in hand cramps that can be super hurtful and annoying. However with its ergonomic design especially when it comes to its handle which is made of rubber, you will go about your business with the most comfort and ease. You can even wash the trimmer with water as it is waterproof. The best grip and the most convenience.

The device is also fitted with stainless steel blades which are not only easy on sensitive skin but also are angled at 45 degrees to provide the optimum cutting and trimming in the least amount of time. Work it around your beard, moustache or any other parts without any fear and without repetition. The less amount of times you have to run the blades over your skin, the lower the chances of irritation or razor burns.

The device of course provides a cordless experience with up to 50 minutes of charging and the battery is rechargeable which makes it super convenient. Finally the adjustable trimmer dial allows for 19 precision beard length settings for a more personalized and custom experience.

  • Great Battery
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof
  • Pricier

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