Best Body Groomer Trimmer For Balls


Best Body Groomer Trimmer For Balls

Looking for the Best Body Groomer Trimmer For Balls? You’ve come to the right place.

I have crafted this list of best body groomers for balls to help you make an informed decision with top products available in the market.

That said, let’s get started…


Best Body Groomer Trimmer For Balls


Philips Norelco Body groomer 2040:

As far as electric shavers come and go, there are few products with as much consistent quality performance as Phillip’s products do. Their Norelco series is one of our absolute favourite ones as well and we have reviewed them quite a few times in the past.

In terms of some care precautions that the device comes with is that when you first receive the product, charge it for at least 24 hours so that it is fully functional the next day you want to use it. After that you will just have to charge it for an hour and you will get an hour back, which in terms of output isn’t the absolute worst ones we’ve seen.

There is an incredible pivoting head on this device which pivots in 3 unique directions allowing the user the absolute best experience that they can get out of any such device. The flexible head means that you can move the blade head smoothly and effortlessly alongside your facial contours and not have to worry about any pain or discomfort. Another great feature in this device is the fact that it is a true full body grooming machine so it can handle your arms as well as your more intimate areas. The modern man grooms all his body hair and this is the perfect device in that regard!

The device offers 5 length settings in its trimmer which is built into the device and is fitted with rounded blades so there is no fear that your skin will get nicked or cut from sharp edges. The 5 length settings grant the user as much personalization as they desire which is always a great feature to have as every user has a different style they want.

The entire device is also water proof which just adds to its overall allure as you can groom your entire body in the easiest way while in the shower. The entire device is completely water resistant and therefore will not rust even if it is routinely washed which by the way is the easiest way to clean it as well. You will not leave any hairy messes behind in the shower or the bathroom floor anymore!

Panasonic LA63 S Arc4:

The device we are reviewing right now is the Panasonic Arc 4 series and it is a super heavy duty machine that we are really impressed by especially in terms of its high quality performance. The dual motor works at an astounding 14 000 cuts per minute which is made possible thanks to its linear drive which directs all the power towards its 4 unique blades and always provides the most precise trimming experience. That’s not all because the other motor in this device is there specifically to reposition the blade heads in an upward and downward manner to mirror the face’s natural contours very well.

Furthermore, the blades are also a force to be reckoned with as they are angled at 30 degrees and are built for precision based shaving and trimming. The blades are super sharp and durable so you won’t have to worry about replacing them again and again.

The built in pop up trimmer is also a favourite of ours as it is perfect for simultaneously dealing with all pesky messy and unruly hair especially in the sideburns and mustache region. Of course our favourite feature is the fact that it supports both wet and dry functionality quite easily and the user can use it in the shower to save time, make the entire experience far more lubricated and comfortable and of course save up time on that annoying clean up ritual later!

We were talking about the specialized flex head in this device but that is only accentuated by the multi fit arc foil which further melts into the skin’s natural contours making it a very comfortable ride. The best part is that if you are a traveller, you won’t have to worry about where to charge this device as it functions via an automatic international dual voltage conversion which basically means it has universal voltage adaptability.

Philips Norelco One blade:

We are onto one of our most favourite products which is the Norelco one blade of course! It is marketed as an all in one solution which will shave, shape and trim, is completely waterproof, rechargeable and of course has one tough blade that is the main star of this show.


We don’t know what to recommend first, the amazing 14 length settings which make sure the user is in charge of their beard-scaping or the heavy duty lithium ion battery which retains battery for the longest time! The device gets as close to the skin as is comfortable and does not cause any rashes, irritation or cuts. It is also a one up to its one blade predecessor as it is new and improved and offers far more features as well.

The wet and dry function allows the user to make their shaving experience more comfortable as they can apply their favourite gel or foaming wash and really get in there without causing any damage to the skin. C

Clean-cut – ES412:

Next, we have the clean cut model ES 412 which is powered entirely by its C-cell battery which is unfortunately sold separately. Now this we are not a fan of since the cell is very specific, however this product has some nice features so we are giving it a chance.

The device claims to give the user the closest stubble shave they could ever want and it even claims to perform better than some of the market’s finest. We don’t know if that is true, however in terms of a close shave, the clean cut definitely gets real close. On the flip side, it does not come with a trimmer so that’s a bit of a letdown. This device is unisex though which means it is adept at handling women’s unique curves much better than some its competition so whether you’re on the lookout for the best hair removal method for that bikini line or under arms or you want a groomer for your man, this is the product to buy! You won’t go back to waxing after you’ve got a taste of this product’s smooth results.

Braun Gillette Fusion proglide pack:

This Braun’s grooming set is absolutely wonderful as a starter’s gift for any inexperienced users or even a great birthday gift for your significant other. The best part is definitely the idea that it has been designed in partnership with Gillette which of course is the best a man can get after all. You get three custom length combs for the best customized experience and the combs also guide the user along if they are unsure.

The device is called ProGlide for a reason and that is because this device will, hands down, provide the most comfortable shaving experience that your money can buy. You won’t even feel any resistance from the blades as they will match your every contour and ensure you get the closest shave possible.

If you wondered why you should spend the money for this whole grooming set, then you might want to consider the edging tool that it comes with that is the best for styling purposes as well. Experiment on your beard and head with the cleanest and crispest line ups and shading detail possible.

Remington PG525:

Next, we have the Remington PG 525 which has not one 1, not 2 but an amazing 9 attachments. Now that is truly insane! From your hair clipper comb, your 3 beard and stubble combs, your foil shaver to your nose, ear and detailing trimmer, this product has it all! You will never have to purchase another device ever again as you get every action in this one.

The battery on this device is also surreal as it offers 70 minutes of shaving bliss and also comes with a 2 year warranty! This means that the manufacturer has absolute trust in their product and we love that!

The steel blades are not only of the highest quality but are also self-sharpening so they last you a very long time. Although the entire device is not waterproof, the attachments are.

Philips Norelco 1100:

We thought it was necessary to add this product into the mix because the Norelco 1100 by Phillips brings it’s a game when it comes to all in one shaving solutions. Not only is this device waterproof but it also has a super convenient skin protector which guards the skin from all bumps and cuts so you will have a very comfortable experience. It is powered by a single double A battery which is included in the packaging and can last up to 2 months so it’s a great way to save money too.

The trimmer in this device is also bi-directional which means that it is flexible enough to tackle any face shape and hair type you want but also that it cuts hair growth from all directions so that the user can get their task done faster.

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