Best Budget Electric Shavers

Best Budget Electric Shavers

A well-kept and well-groomed beard can have almost as much impact on how people perceive you as the clothes you wear. They say a beard makes a man which is why it is an absolute necessity nowadays to own the right gear needed to tame that facial hair.

Here’s where the handy device known as the electric shaver comes in. However, not all that glitters is gold and the most expensive machine isn’t always the best option. For those of you on a budget, we are going to walk you through the most affordable electric shavers in the market today!

This list will include a wide variety of economically priced items like the super budget-friendly and equally reliable models such as the Remington F5-5800 which not only is a great long term investment if you simply cannot afford to make frequent trips to the barbershop but will also turn out to be one of the greatest value on money purchases you make.

However, we will also be looking at some more moderately priced versions for their respective specs and brand so keep reading on!

The typical modern dilemma is that because there are so many versions and varieties of each product online, it can be difficult for a layman to sift through so many different products and buy the best ones at the best price! Not to mention, there is always the danger of buying unruly knock offs which is why our list will only feature well known and established brands such as Braun, Remington and quite a few models from Panasonic.

A good brand is almost always an indicator of genuine quality. After we have laid down our case, the rest is up to you!

Best Budget Electric Shaver

Let’s take a look at the list of Best Budget Electric Shaver and see which one is the best for you.

Panasonic ESLT41K Arc3- Affordable yet powerful!

So, we are starting this list with a brand that has become synonymous with reliable and powerful electronics of all kinds. A true testament to high-quality Japanese engineering!

This is exactly how we would begin to define Panasonic’s ESLT41K Arc3 which is the perfect shaving instrument for anyone under the confines of a budget. Straight off the bat, you get reeled in by the sleek black and silver body and although it might not be the most advanced shaver out there, it definitely has enough specs to hold itself through.

Let’s go through some of the main features the Arc 3 has to offer.

  • Moving and flexible Pivot head- this is an exciting area of design that enables the Arc 3 to slide across your face, neck area or even your head with considerable ease.
  • Rechargeable Battery- this is a seriously underrated feature which coupled with an adaptor allows you to use your Panasonic shaver on the go without the hassle of multiple wires or cords. A rechargeable internal battery equals swift cordless operation with up to 15 shaves per charge!
  • 30 degree Nano blades– the special 30 degree angled blades that are included with the main device means the shaver offers what is referred to as an ultra-thin foil cutting experience to the user. Resulting in a smooth and clean-cut shave every time!
  • Built-in pop up trimmer- this feature is super standard for most Panasonic devices and makes this an even better best budget deal!

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Perhaps the most convenient aspect of Arc 3, however, is its ability to work as well in dry settings as it does in a wet environment. So essentially you could use it even while taking a shower without any fear. Although this device lacks a separate cleaning unit, the vibration cleaning mode aids the user in cleaning the shaver by simply opening the head and putting it under running water.

  • In built features such as trimmer and cleaning unit
  • Foil technology blades for a close shave
  • Water safe
  • Not the most advanced tech-wise


Remington F5-5800- A great value offer

We mentioned this particular product in the beginning because we feel confident that not only is this nifty little device from Remington one of the most affordable shavers out there but works just as well as some of the real heavy hitters out there.

So if you’re on the lookout for a cheap and user-friendly model that does its job well then this may just be your first choice! Talking about design this model has a shiny charcoal finish that makes this an attractive product as well.

So let us dig into what this Remington has to offer!

  • Pivoting technology- Similar to our previous product in this list, the pivoting head seems to be a popular feature in most electric shavers nowadays because it does the job well. Providing a close and clean shave every time.
  • Foil blades- Once again we’re seeing the foil blade technology shine through in a product albeit a cheaper one. This ensures that the steel foils will allow the shaver to glide across your face like it’s no big deal.
  • Great charge time- The F5-5800 promises up to an hour of unparalleled and undisturbed shaving bliss so if you’re slow in the mornings you don’t have to worry about this device dying out on you. This means that your Remington shaver will be ready for business the next day without any fuss and the LED charge indicator will alert you if it’s running low.
  • Wash safe- The scariest thing about electronics used in the bathroom is the fear of using them around water but that isn’t the case with this device as it completely waters safe and can be cleaned inside your tap with ease.

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If all of that was not enough to conv9ince you why the F5-5800 is the best choice for you then maybe the fact that even at its low price it comes with a guaranteed warranty of up two years!

  • 60 minute battery life
  • Pivoting head
  • Foil Steel for precision
  • Wet and Dry shave
  • Built in trimmer
  • No the most advanced tech wise


Panasonic ES 8103S Arc 3- Precision based purchase

We’ve got another Panasonic product from their Arc 3 series in this list that is considerably cheaper than its predecessor and not that far behind quality wise. The 3S as we like to call it has a stylish black and silver casing that is very appealing to the eye and is quite light weight and compact.

With regards to make and model, it is pretty close to the 41K version we discussed earlier because like it, the 3S also has a built in trimmer for precision and accuracy, 3 30 degree angled Nano technology blades and a flexible pivoting head but interestingly for a price this affordable it has a few new surprises in store for whoever buys it.

So let’s find out what’s new.

  • Powerful motor- The 3S comes equipped with a linear motor that runs at speeds up to 13000 rpm which ensures not even the smallest of hair is left behind.
  • Built in LCD monitor– Most devices simply let the user know the battery points left but this illuminated LCD in the 3S also gives details pertaining to reminders for charging and cleaning, details of the special sonic enabled vibration cleaning feature and of course the battery indicator that shows 10 stages. .
  • Lithium- Ion battery- The inbuilt lithium ion battery ensures that this device will remain charged for long periods of time up to as much as 50 minutes with a special quick charge feature that charges in 5 minutes.

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In conclusion, if it’s a high-quality performance machine you want, then look no further than this model from Panasonic because not only is it light on the wallet but is also extremely easy and convenient to use both wet and dry.

  • High battery life
  • LCD Display feature
  • Vibration cleaning mode
  • Cannot be used simultaneously as it charges


Braun Series 3 Pro skin- Comfortable performance

Braun has made its mark on the world of electronics and gadgets for quite some time now with its convenient pricing and state of the art technology. That’s why it was imperative to add at least one of their products in our search for the best budget buys.

Braun’s 3040s model from their Series 3 is the latest in their portfolio and has some of the most sought after features by electric shaving enthusiasts including a much needed ergonomic design and the ability to target all kinds of hair.

So without further ado let’s jump into the features

  • Ergonomics king- Many of us don’t give enough credit to a good user-friendly design that does not cause those infernal hand cramps and that is exactly what this model from Braun gives the user. Its striking blue rubber sides not only enable a better and longer sustained grip but also ensures a comfortable experience throughout.
  • Shaving performance– The dry shaving qualities of this shaver are remarkable and although it goes in as close to the skin as it can possibly get, it has a bit of trouble getting to long hair which is only a problem if you forget to shave for longer periods of time.
  • Rechargeable and reliable battery- The rechargeable battery enables you to operate the machine cordless for added safety and comfort and stays on up to 45 minutes.

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Although there is no travelling case included with the device, we do receive a charging cord, a cleaning brush, a 3040s razor and a handy protective cap.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • Good battery
  • Not the best for super long hair
  • No blade oil included
  • Doesn’t perform consistently


Phillips Norelco 5500- Power and Value

The Norelco range from Phillips comes equipped with their famous rotary blade shavers that would put others to shame. From their catalog today we’re looking at two versions with quite a difference in price; the 5500 and One Blade.

Talking about the 5500 first, this isn’t the cheapest item on our particular list but it sure as hell proves you don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of money for the best premium shave. It comes ready with the standard LED battery indicator, a pretty decent black, and grey exterior and can be used either wet or dry as most shavers.

However this one has a few bells and whistles that are expected at this price.

  • Turbo Button Feature- We’ve been talking about different kinds of powerful motors and the 5500 from Phillips is no different. Equipped with a special turbo power mode, the 5500 promises to give you a 10 percent boost in terms of power to get done with your shaving ritual even faster than normal. Of course the regular mode is also present for normal use.
  • Multipurpose blade system- The blades in the 5500 each have their own specialized task in the shaving process so no matter how low lying or small the hair is the blades will easily lift them up and get to work. This guarantees a seriously close and clean shave each time.
  • 5 directional pivot heads– This one is the most exciting feature since the three rotary heads are flexible enough to move 5 ways to easily maneuver themselves around the trickiest of areas.
  • Completely waterproof- Ready with its patented Aquatec technology, the 5500 is completely waterproof which makes cleaning it super easy and allows it to provide an effortless wet shave
  • Attachable trimmer- This is not an inbuilt trimmer like most of the other products we went through today but since it is a precision based trimmer, we’re not upset.

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Not only is the SmartClick trimmer included with the device, it comes with a handy charging cord and is super light weight.

  • Easy to use in water
  • 5 directional pivot heads
  • Turbo Button for increased power
  • Rotary blade
  • Not the best charge time


Braun 5030- Tiny but mighty

We have already looked at a wonderful model from Braun from their Series 3 and now it is time to move on to the latest from Series 5. For all of those users who have extremely dry or easily irritated skin or even if you deal with facial acne, this might be the best and most affordable electric shaver for you.

An affordable and attractive design that not only prevents irritation by the materials used such as chromium but also makes for a very robust exterior. This series hosts an array of very advanced technological features that would excite any professional or avid shaver but is simple enough so that any average user can tackle it easily.

Let us look at what the 5030 has to offer!

  • Enhanced power drive- The 5030 promises the user a 20 percent power increase capability for those times when you’re in a rush to get to the office especially targeting really thick, coarse and hard to manage hair.
  • Multi flex action- The new and improved feature ensures that there is limited pressure on each area of the skin at one given time which means it not only prevents irritation but also is more efficient since its parts move individually and with macro motion technology.
  • In built pop up trimmer- A state of the art precision trimmer is included at the back that allows you to shape as well as shave effortlessly and means you don’t have to purchase a separate trimmer either!
  • Head lock- a convenient multi head locking feature ensures that should you need it, the device will only operate in the direction you desire.

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Along with all this, it also comes with a hygiene status display, is considerably lighter than most Series 3 versions and is waterproof with a strong rubber grip.

  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Handy Head lock
  • 20% Power drive
  • Multi flex action
  • No dual wet and dry option


Phillips Norelco One Blade- Innovation at its finest

In case you were feeling like the previous few items on our list were just way out of your reach and you want the best value deal, then we recommend the Phillips Norelco One Blade. The trick about staying relevant in the electronics industry is innovation and constant enhancement of features and the One blade brings us all that in a super affordable price. We lobe the design that is super reminiscent of the original hand held razor and the material of the back is a bright lime green rubber great for gripping. This grip was sustained even in the wettest of environments which makes this product great for multi-tasking shower shave. The front is darker and matte with a simple on and off button.

Built in protective comb sheath- This is perfect for beginners and those with sensitive skin as it catches even the smallest of hair while avoiding dangerous contact of the rotating blades with the skin.

Disposable head- Most shavers come with the guarantee of their blades lasting up to 2 years or more. So why does the One Blade offer any less? Well for starters, it can be construed as a clever marketing gimmick that makes users make frequent purchases but from a hygiene standpoint and for best sharp performance, the disposable blades start sounding pretty good.

There were however quite a few negatives with this product, not only does an increase in pressure results in possible cuts but the One Blade isn’t the best when it comes to taming hair growth that comes in from different directions. Its battery also needs a surprising and inconvenient eight hours to charge fully with just a 45-minute outcome.

Included in the pack is the One Blade handle, an instruction guide, a standard replaceable blade, 3 stubble combs of varying lengths and a battery adapter.

  • Innovative and sleek design
  • Protective combs
  • Affordable
  • Long charge time
  • Not the cleanest shave


Phillips Norelco 4500- Innovative and Reasonable

This is perhaps the most interesting budget-friendly shaver on our list today with a great reasonable price and the most exciting dual precision rotary blade heads that work more areas of your skin than a normal electric shaver would.

Cordless, waterproof, great for both wet and dry terrains and futuristic design. What more could a guy ask for? Fortunately, there’s more in store. Seems like we have saved the best for last indeed.

So let’s get to the features!

  • Lift and Cut Feature– Phillip’s patented lift and cutability ensure that each hair is first raised up and then swiftly cut off no matter the size. This makes the 4500 perfect for thick and coarse hair.
  • Aquatec Seal- A standard among Phillips products, the waterproof seal ensures it is completely safe to use with water and will effortlessly glide around the contours of your skin even the neck area!
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery- With a charge time of one hour and an output of 50 minutes, we are more than happy with the 4500’s battery capabilities. Forgot to charge but need a quick shave session? No worries because of the 4500 charges on a quick mode for 3 minutes.
  • Easy Clean- Simply pop open the top head and rinse under a tap to get the most effective wash without any fear of water getting inside thanks to the Aquatec capability. No separate washing unit, no problem!

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  • Soft on the skin
  • Aquatec Seal
  • Good battery
  • Dual blades
  • No extra accessories


That’s all from us on the topic of the best budget electric shavers. For your ease and intrigue, we’ve identified a pretty extensive list with a whole range of affordable prices. The trick to buying the perfect one for you is to always identify your own specific need and then go over the market’s top brands. No one product is ever going to be the best forever as companies and brands are always in the race to bring us more and more innovative products and that is both amazing and confusing for the consumer but with some good old fashioned research and a certain amount of intuition, you can single out the best item for yourself.

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