Best Close Shave Beard Trimmer


Best Close Shave Beard Trimmer

The thing about being a modern man is that there is so much to do and yet so little time for you to actually accomplish everything you have set out to do. From work, to relationships to your social life, it seems as if you are always available for the needs of those around you. But there are times in a man’s life where you want to kick back relax and pamper yourself for once.

If you’re a beard enthusiast and pride yourself in the thickest and longest beard out of your social group but are in need of a good electric beard trimmer that will give you the best performance, especially when it comes to the closest shave without completely emptying out your pocket, this is the list for you! Of course as always we will be looking at 5 of the absolute best in the beard trimming, shaving and styling business but if you’re in a rush we definitely recommend an old favourite which is the Hatteker grooming kit that gives you all the extra goodies you will need to get done with the deed.

However, if you are not fully satisfied, we have more information to impart so don’t go anywhere!

Best Close Shave Beard Trimmer


Wahl’s Colour Pro:

For our very first entry, we have a relatively newer and fancier device on the menu today. The Wahl’s colour pro is a unique item indeed with amazing accessories such as blade oil, ear tapers for both sides, styling and barber combs, a blade guard, a pair of scissors and a whole set of different combs

Let’s start this one with the negatives first. The size of this device may become a problem as it gets heavy if used for extended periods of time, it also vibrates quite a bit which might deter the user from giving their absolute best as a steady hand might be required. Finally it can also be loud which is troublesome for you and those around you especially if you use the device early in the morning. 

Moving on to the positives then. We get an impressive 26 piece kit engineered for your beard grooming needs. You will get combs, tapers and clips for your beard, ears, nose, head and even your eyebrows. Plus all the maintenance, styling and cleaning accessories that we mentioned earlier on. 

The device will provide you the smoothest hair and beard maintenance as it comes equipped with a colour coordinated key that matches to the different attachments and combs which will be in the exact same colour. This is so you will never get confused about the subsequent lengths of each tool. 

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  • 26 piece tool kit
  • Colour Key for Accuracy
  • Self-sharpening Blades
  • Vibrates
  • Loud


Flyco Electric Razor:

We are again moving on to a new entry in our normal repertoire as we had to include the Flyco electric razor due to its unparalleled performance and service when it comes to an incredibly close shave. This device has in a very short span of time made a name for itself among the online community which gives it raving reviews.

Talking about some of its features, it has a dual functionality when it comes to wet or dry use as should be the standard in all devices which are manufactured today as this provides the user with a sense of convenience and ease that cannot be compared! If you fear for your skin, do not worry and simply use the device with your favourite shaving gel, foam or cream for the most comfortable experience. No more burns, irritation or cuts that rise from a dry shave.

It also has an anti-clip system set in place which is dubbed as its Smart Shaving feature and is responsible for ensuring that there is no pulling, tugging or clipping of the skin along with the hair. This is an incredibly intelligent design as it uses operating system and it’s motor to ensure that you will not have to complain of any discomfort.

Achieving the perfect close shave has never been easier, as the 3D floating head in the Flyco has 3 heads along with dual track foil system that also floats and glides along the contours of your skin to give you the most accurate shave possible. No longer will you have to expose your skin to repeated exposure of sharp blades as it captures more hair each time. 

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  • Wet and Dry Feature
  • Anti-Clip
  • 3D floating Head
  • Not as famous a brand


Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer:

We are back again with another one of Wahl’s groomers because let’s face it. They’re the best and they have got quite the extended range of products.  The Wahl’s beard and moustache trimmer is a dual grooming product and provides the user with a unique range of beard comb lengths and widths to ensure you get a personalized outcome each time. The trim and shave of this device is exceptional as it is engineered to be built as a precision device. 

The device works best on all types, textures and kinds of hair and hair lengths as it does not shy away from extremely flat lying hair that is incredibly hard to get rid of. No longer do you need to make repeated expensive visits to the barber, as you can get a professional grade styling experience right at home. 

The heavy duty lithium ion battery means that this device will not only provide you the ultimate power when you need it but will also retain its battery for longer periods of time thus ensuring that you get your shave whenever you need it. 

So of course there had to be some flaw right? Well, there is as the dual trimmer is not waterproof which means it lacks in one of the most sought after and standard features that most electric devices have to offer nowadays. This means you can only use it for a dry shave and any comfort that comes from the aid of water and shaving gels or creams becomes a risk you just cannot take with this device. 

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  • Strong Battery life
  • Great for all textures
  • Lots of combs and attachments
  • No dual wet and dry feature


Hatteker Grooming Kit:

The second last item on our list today for the closest shave providing trimmers is the Hatteker Grooming Kit that will quite literally fulfil all your beard grooming needs as it will provide you the most standard 12 piece attachment kit that you need to deal with unwanted beard hair. This may include 4 hair trimming combs, a styling comb, a wide hair trimmer, an adjustable beard comb and both a nose and ear trimmer and a body trimmer. 

The device also features a powerful Lithium Ion battery that is known for its strength and its ability to retain the device’s battery for longer periods of time. This will provide you with approximately an hour of uninterrupted usage and charging time is almost the same. 

The self-sharpening stainless steel blades are a personal favourite as they do away with the struggle of having to repeatedly replace your device’s blades as if it were an ordinary razor. The whole point of an electric device that you pay loads of cash for is durability and powerful performance. The blades are also non corrosive meaning there will be no rusting even with exposure to water. You won’t even need to regularly oil the device.

Since the blades do not rust even if exposed to water that could only mean that the whole kit is waterproof and that is accurate as it can be washed down to the last attachment comb. 

They also give the user a nifty 1 year guarantee of a warranty that is a very impressive quality in any company as it shows their trust in their own device and that they care for their customers.

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  • 12 piece kit
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Hour Long Battery Usage
  • Waterproof
  • Comparatively pricier


EleHot Hair Clippers for Men:

Moving onto our final product for the day we’re going to discuss the EleHot hair clipper series for men that is marketed as an ultra-premium device for beard and hair maintenance that is fitted with a handy travel lock so you can transport the device without fear of it turning on. High-end touch and press switch – travel switch lock makes haircuts easier

The blades which are engineered with a Nano-ceramic material are far more superior and more powerful than your average steel or carbon based blades and are detachable for effective cleaning purposes. You may clean the entire device with a wet cloth but it is not advisable to submerge the entire device in water. So that’s a bit of a drawback as it is not waterproof. 

It lasts for as long as 3 hours and sometimes more if used efficiently. It also has a unique LED display that lets the user know when it needs a charge. 

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  • High-End Device
  • Travel lock
  • Nano Blades
  • 3 hour battery life
  • Not waterproof

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