Best Close Shave Electric Shaver


Best Close Shave Electric Shaver

They say dogs are a man’s best friend. While that may be true, for the modern man, his electric tools and gadgets are much more important! Don’t believe us? Well just think of all your daily activities that would take forever without your handy personal devices such as your electric shaver perhaps?

How else would you look sharp and suave every morning if you didn’t have a reliable and state of the art shaver by your side to tame those wild fringes and locks? A well kempt beard not only keeps you looking good but also invokes some serious confidence you already had within you. However, not all electric shavers are created equal!

Finding the one shaver that will provide you with the closest shave is not the easiest task in the world. That is exactly why we have compiled this meticulous list with fan favorites such as the Panasonic ES-LF51-A which has been designed to get real close without doing any damage! We will let you know exactly how in the coming paragraphs so do not scroll away!

Best Close Shave Electric Shaver

Let’s have a look at all the best close shave electric shavers to find the right device for your needs and skin type.

Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S- Sensitivity Master:

Starting off with one of the many Panasonic products we have for you today, we are going to talk about the ES- LV65-S from their Arc 5 series and the reason why we have introduced this device is because of the many certified reviews that swear upon its superior quality to provide a close and detailed shave.

However before we make any decisions let’s look what this device has to offer.

  • Hypoallergenic Foils- This is an extremely important feature every shaver should have but specifically ones that promise a close shave. Why? Well because our facial skin is one of the most easily irritated, prone to acne and infections due to cuts. With the Arc 5’s hypoallergenic foil blades, you can shave carefree!
  • Multi flex Pivoting- Remember how in grade school we learnt that the more surface area is covered the more evenly distributed the pressure or force becomes? Well now we get to apply physics while getting a shave every time because the Arc 5’s multi flex and pivoting heads ensure the least amount of pressure is added to any one area of your skin at a time.
  • Shaving Sensor- This is one smart feature that analyses and detects the hair growth and density and automatically readjusts the power flow accordingly ensuring that you never get any nicks or cuts.

You also get a great battery life, blade oil, a cleaning brush, a power cord and a built in pop up trimmer all for an overall great price.

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  • Smart Sensor
  • Hypoallergenic Blades
  • 5 Blades System
  • Multi Flex
  • No built in cleaning unit


Panasonic ES LF51-A- The Underdog!:

The next item we have on our list is one of the most under rated electric shavers in the Arc 4 Series which has only recently gotten the recognition that it deserved among the shaving circles. However, we love an underdog just as much as the next individual and with an impressive set of close shave features the Panasonic 51-A hosts, it seemed unfair not to talk about it.

Four Unique Foils-The name says it all with regards to this model’s four blade foil system each equipped with its own task. Two cutting foils that do the initial work, one slit foil that lifts up flat lying hair and a finishing foil that finishes off the job ensuring all your stubble is gone by the end.

Swivel and Pivot- The moving head both rotates up and down along with a side to side swivel action that along with its state of the art 30 degree angled Nano blades ensures a clean and sharp finish every time.

Ergonomic Design- Users really over look this quality in a shaver sometimes as a part of the mere overall design, however according to us, it might be the most important one. A compact yet sturdy design ensures a comfortable and steady experience.

It also comes handy with a sonic cleaning vibration mode, a pop up trimmer and an LED display. All in all this machine is the perfect electric companion, especially if you are keen on shaving daily as it does have a somewhat hard time with longer hair that grow in different directions.

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  • Comfortable Design
  • User Friendly
  • High Performance
  • Swivel and Pivoting Head
  • Not the best for longer hair


Panasonic Ram Dash- Powerful and Mighty:

The Panasonic Ram Dash is by far one of the coolest devices we have encountered to date with it’s innovate take on the modern electric shaver and the powerful punch it packs. A name befitting its owner, the Ram Dash has all the prerequisites for the best possible close shave. With thousands of positive evaluations of the incredibly close shave this product provides, we had to take a closer look.

  • 360 Degree Head- This is not the most common feature when it comes to shavers out there in the market which is also why the Ram Dash is considered to be the best of the best for the smoothest head shave. The head swivels in all directions grabbing hair from multi directional angles that makes the job faster and more efficient.
  • Wet and Dry- Since it is completely waterproof, the Ram Dash excels at both wet and dry shaving options that allow the user to use their device without fear of nicks or burns.
  • Smart Sensor- One of the ways the Ram Dash achieves its amazing close shave is its cool smart sensor that adjusts the power of each shave depending on the hair growth thus making for a personalized experience every time. So you don’t have to worry about using the product again so soon just to tackle that 5 o clock shadow.

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The Ram Dash is undoubtedly a powerful machine also equipped with 5 angled blades that give you the best performance whenever you use it.

  • Waterproof
  • Sensor Technology
  • 360 Swivel
  • Not for the inexperienced user


Braun 9 9290cc- Tech Guru:

Is a list about the most precise electric shavers really ever complete if there is no product from Braun on it? We didn’t think so either, that is why we though it only made sense to add this beautiful device into the mix. The 9 9290cc is a marvel of high-quality German engineering that would put other shavers to shame!

To be completely fair, with the hefty price this product is offered, it is understandable to want to weigh its pros and cons before you actually just buy it. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the specs.

  • Optifoil Technology- This product features two remarkable Optifoil blades that work effortlessly using Braun’s patented Hexagon shape to cut out even the tiniest of hair.
  • Direct Trimmer- This is the third blade out of four for the 9 9290cc which tackles the age old problem of unruly and multi directional hair growth that even the toughest of shavers have yet to master.
  • Hyper Lift Trimmer- Made from golden Titanium Nitride, the Hyper Lift trimmer is the most interesting feature this model boasts due to its ability to maintain the sharpness of its edges for longer than most. But that isn’t even the coolest part because this feature picks up low lying flat hair and makes them disappear.
  • Ten Directional Head– Sounds too good to be true? Well, on closer inspection the 9 9290cc’s head does indeed look like a separate entity with a mind of its own and great flexibility. We do not know if it moves in ten different directions but it sure does provide for a smooth and close shaving experience.
  • SyncroSonic Feature– Basically this is just Braun’s fancy way of describing their smart sensor that auto detects the power demand with regards to hair density and growth. As we have already discussed earlier, this capability ensures that only adequate pressure is given for each instance.

It also comes equipped with the following accessories: a power cord, traveling case, a manual, a separate charging and cleaning station and a cleaning cartridge.

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  • 10 D Tech
  • SyncroSonic Sensor
  • Four Distinct Blade functions
  • Water proof
  • Expensive


Panasonic ES LA63 S Arc 4- Consistently Good:

We are ending this list with one of the most consistently good electric shavers when it comes to providing the best close shaves. We are of course talking about the Panasonic ES LA63 S from their Arc 4 Series that is not only affordable out of the other models we have seen today but is also cited as one of the most consistently performing products out there in the market.

So let’s get down to brass tacks and find out whether or not there is some truth to this.

  • Dual Blades- An outer foil tightly grasps all the hair in its way while the dual-acting inner blades do all the shaving and cutting. Quite the impressive teamwork!
  • Wet and Dry Capability- This feature ensures that your device is waterproof and therefore safe to use with your favorite shaving foams and creams for a much smoother and comfortable shave.
  • Go Cordless- Yes we know many products out there do not allow for a cordless experience but the ES-LA63-S is the exception. Use it in the shower, on the go or however you please!
  • Super Cleaning Experience- Cleaning your product has never been this easy as other items usually get clogged with gels or foams but the sonic vibration cleaning mode in this product ensures that never happens.

With just one hard till the product is fully charged it allows you 45 minutes of uninterrupted use which roughly translates to about 14 or 15 high powered uses. A blade guard, charging cord and travel case come included as your helpful accessories and the brand guarantees up to two years of warranty!

No matter what product you choose whether with the aid of this list or otherwise, it is important to understand that a device can only do so much. As experienced users, we must also be well versed in the best techniques and tips to get the closest shave. Keep in mind that these tricks might take some time for you to master, so don’t fret!

Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Always have a pre shave routine mastered
  2. Use pre shave lotions to minimize possible irritation
  3. Lubricate your shaver with blade oil
  4. Make sure your electric shaver is clean
  5. Use the best shaving cream and foam for a wet shave
  6. In case of a dry shave, make sure the face is perfectly dry
  7. If your growth is super long, trim it beforehand
  8. Invest in a good pre shave oil
  9. Make sure your blades are sharp and not dull
  10. Don’t cheapen out on replacing those blades
  11. Charge your device to the max to avoid lag
  12. Practice makes a man perfect
  13. Don’t rush your routine
  14. Always go against the grain
  15. Finally, buy the best shaver!

In conclusion, mastering the art of attaining the perfect close shave is not something any one is automatically blessed with but with a little time, a little dedication and whole lot of patience anyone can become quite skilled at the most precise shave. Your technique is only as good as the product you buy so keep that in mind when you go ahead to make your purchase.

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