Best Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer


Best Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

We have already done quite a comprehensive and long list on the best ear and nose trimmer for ladies this past week and while many of those products were just as easily used by men, we feel that there has to be a distinction by pointing out some of those products which were also unisex.

A nose and ear trimmer shouldn’t have to be marketed towards anyone’s gender since all of us suffers from the pesky and uncomfortable experience of plucking out wanted hair from our nostrils. Plucking is not a very healthy habit in the long run as well because those hair are necessary to ward off dirt and bacteria from the nose. So trimming is a far better solution. Read on till the end of this list to find out which product you should opt for.

Best Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

Philips HP6390:

Our first products is the Phillips HP 6390 and it is such an easy product to use as it not only tackles the nose and ear regions but is beneficial for a full on grooming and hair removal experience.

It features extra tweezers as well which are fitted with a mirror and led light for better accuracy. There is also a wonderful eyebrow shaping tool along with this product so your eyebrows are also on fleek. The entire product is powered by batteries which are available anywhere and are a pretty convenient alternative to your annoying wires and chargers. Cordless is the way to go!

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  • Cordless and battery powered
  • Tweezers with light and mirror
  • Full body grooming
  • Not water proof

Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer:

Next, we have the chooling Nose and ear trimmer which is by far the most different product out of all in this list as it is completely manual with no batteries and absolutely no need to recharge. It is made from the finest quality stainless steel which is super sharp and accurate to cut off and trim excess and unwanted hair with ease. The blades are also hypoallergenic in nature so you won’t have to worry about any irritation or cuts.

Some might wonder well, if it isn’t electric why not just buy a pair of scissors instead? Well you won’t find a pair of scissors that can reach inside your nose and ear holes with the same finesse as this device does as it is shaped to meet those contours.

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  • No need to charge
  • Waterproof device
  • Stainless steel
  • Lasts only a year

Fancii Professional:

Next we have the Fancii Professional which is the only device on our list which has the integrated vacuuming system that we have seen in larger models such as electric shavers but very rarely have we seen it in such smaller devices. So naturally we are super impressed!

All the excess hair is transferred by suction action into a specialized compartment that can then be tossed out into the bin and drained out with water. Clean, quick and convenient! There is also a super cool LED light in built which helps the user weed out the very fine and harder to grab hair.


The stainless steel blades which are fitted into this device are also super accurate and are also hypoallergenic in nature making them the best choice for users with sensitive skin. They are also dual edged which means that no hair will be left uncut and there will be no pulling or snagging in the blades.

If the user faces any problems or is unsatisfied with the product, the manufacturer offers an impressive 18 month long warranty which invokes a feeling of great trust and credibility from their side.

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  • Vacuum system
  • LED light
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 18 month warranty
  • Batteries not included

Panasonic Trimmer ER430K:

We are moving on to a state of the art product by Panasonic which is the ER 430 K that has everything one could ask for in a hand held electric device! From being completely waterproof to having the best sanitary and hygienic blade, this device has all your personal and intimate grooming needs sorted!

The curved steel blades fit into your ear and nose holes with such accuracy and ease that you will never use any other method again. They are dual edged so you know that there will be no painful tugging or pulling of hair, only clean and efficient cuts. The stainless steel is also hypoallergenic which means that you will not have to worry about it being unhygienic or act as an irritant on your skin.

The device comes along with a handy cleaning brush and travelling case which is pretty nice and you can wash the entire device under the sink so that there is no excess hair all over your bathroom floor to clean up later. Using it wet or dry also gives you the ease of using it in the shower for an added bit of comfort and less friction between the skin and the blades.

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  • Completely waterproof and wash safe
  • Curved steel blades
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Just one way to recharge

Panasonic ER-GN:

Our last product is also one from Panasonic but this one is the ER GN which is different from its predecessor in the way that it has a super useful protective guard alongside the blades which prevents any mishaps or cuts from occurring. It is light weight and compact so you can take it wherever you go especially for quick touch ups.

The blades are precision based and are dual edged so you know they won’t miss a single hair but also you can be sure that the hair won’t be plucked out painfully and will be cut off neatly. The device isn’t completely waterproof but the blade head can be washed separately so it doesn’t clog up in the long run and you have easy maintenance.

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  • Detachable and washable head
  • Double edged blades
  • Protective guard
  • Light weight and compact
  • Battery not included

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