Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts


Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned parlor blow out? For most women and many men, getting a blow-dry or a blowout is their go-to hairstyle whenever they need to go for a night out in the town, an important social event or even when they want to pamper themselves especially after a haircut. Not only is the blow out blow dry great for the customers to find out exactly what their new hair cut looks like but they are also the most flattering hair styling technique on virtually all face shapes.

However, why should you have to spend those big bucks at the hair dressers for that fancy touch to your evening look when there are a ton of neat hair dryers and products which help you achieve the same within the comfort of your home? Apart from the obvious issue of a lack of experience and a lack in the proper information regarding which product you should purchase, we really do not see why you cannot do your own blow outs at home. One out of these two problems will be solved by the end of this article as we are listing out our top 5 favourite picks of the best hair dryers for blowouts. So keep reading on to find out your perfect fit! You can also check our new beat clarifying shampoo for line hair.

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts

DevaCurl DevaDryer:

Our first pick for today is the DevaCurl DevaDryer which is one of the most high end and premium products on our list today. The price is definitely on the expensive side when it comes to hair dryers as some of our more renowned brands do not even cost that much. However, before we start to disregard our choice, you will be pleased to find out that this product has some of the best features out of any on this list!

The motor is the first thing we are looking into as it is a 1600 watt powered AC motor that far exceeds the power range that normal hair dryers give you. The product also claims to not only help the user tackle frizz and static electricity but also tames fly-aways like a pro leaving you with a mane full of smooth, shiny and healthier looking locks. There are the standard 2 speed and 3 temperature settings to help you personalize your experience.

The 360 degree airflow is also a major selling point of this device as its patented diffuser really gets into the roots of the hair to help enhance your natural hair texture especially if you have wavy or curly hair. The versatility of this product is not just limited to drying down hair without messing up the natural shape but also is excellent at hair styling as the air lifts and defines the curls without making them frizzy or messy.

Since this product is specifically designed keeping curly haired individuals in mind, there is a 100 percent guarantee that all their products are free of parabens, silicones and sulfates which are really harmful for your hair.

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  • 360 degree airflow
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 1600 Watts
  • No frizz
  • Designed for curly hair
  • Expensive

MHU Professional 1875w:

Next, we have the MHU Professional with an 1875-watt AC motor that is perfect for medium to high performance speeds as the objective is to prevent hair from drying out during blow outs. Although most devices nowadays do not let the hair to dry out, it is always recommended that the user use a heat protectant spray or serum for maximum protection. The super powerful motor ensures that the device runs at full speed even when low on battery so that your job is done faster and with the least amount of vibration or noise.

You get the standard 3 heat settings from strong to slow and 2 speed modes so you can decide what your hair needs that day. These features allow the user to work with a controlled heat and air flow concentrator which comes with this product and increase volume in your blow outs without actually causing any frizz. Accelerate drying not damage!

We love the 9 foot long chemical grade resistant wire that this product comes with as it allows the user to move around and freely dry and style out hair. Convenience is the most important with MHU! The negative ion technology is the best as it neutralizes the positive ions built up by static electricity in the hair and leaves the user with super soft and smooth hair.

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  • 9 foot cord
  • Diffuser and Air concentrator
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Negative ions

  • None as of yet

BaByliss PRO Ceramix:

Next, we have one of the oldest and most reliable products out there on the market which is the Babyliss PRO which has been fitted with ceramic porcelain grills and heating surfaces that are the best for 2 major reasons. First, they provide the most uniform heat distribution which ensures that each strand of hair receives the same attention thus lowering the possibility of any potential heat damage and secondly, it reduces frizz caused by positive ions and charges being build up on the hair. So forget about hair that frizzes up as you will get the smoothest looking hair without the eventual fly-aways that pop up dye to humidity.

The device comes with an 8 millimeters nozzle which can be attached that basically concentrates the airflow to one particular place making it excellent for blow outs on individual strands and it has 4 temperature settings as well so you get to choose.

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  • Ceramic porcelain grills
  • Negative ion technology
  • Uniform heat
  • Heavier model

Remington Pro Pearl Ceramic Technology:

Next we are reviewing a product called the Remington Pro Pearl with Ceramic Technology and there is no doubt in our mind that this product will help you achieve that perfect salon worthy blow out in no time as it is a pretty heavy duty device that caters to all sorts of hair lengths and textures.

The Pro pearl’s grills have been infused with revolutionary new technology which uses the power of crushed pearls to provide intense micro conditioning which actively nourish and replenish the smooth texture of your hair. This is definitely useful as the hair is tugged and pulled at a lot during blow dries so you need something that will smoothen them out after. This device comes with a 2 year warranty which is great in case you are not fully satisfied with the services of this device but more importantly, it relates to the fact that the company cares about the interests of their customers a lot!

You will also receive a handy diffuser which dries out hair down to the roots so you are not left with damp hair that turns humid half way through and an airflow concentrator which directs all the heat to where it is needed or where you decide it should go.

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  • Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • 2 additional attachments
  • 2 year warranty
  • Battery life isn’t the best

Con Air 1875:

Our last product for the day is the Con Air 1875 which we are really impressed by thanks to its DC motor and the easiest switches and locks which allows you to use any of the 2 speed modes and 3 heat settings so that you can customize your blow dry each time. Go for the really long and smoothened out curls or go for the classic blow out because with this device you can do it all.

The ionized technology ensures that frizz is reduced and shine is increased in your styling since the tourmaline ceramic technology provides equal distribution of heat which means there will be no chances of heat damage. This also ensures that the product makes your blow dry a fast affair, leaving you some time to focus on the rest of your look instead!

After you have used the hot airflow to style, blast your hair with a burst of cool air via the specialized cool air button to cement your styling down for good! This ensures that your hair will not move out of their place till you get back home and are done for the day. The power cord is a bit of a letdown in this device as it is only 5 feet long which is fine if you are self-styling but really poor for styling other people’s hair. Other than that we do not see any flaws in the design and performance of this high tech device that works great with hair of all textures.

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  • Cool air Feature
  • Ionization technology
  • Adds volume
  • Customization
  • Charging cord too short

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