Best Nail Clippers For Infants


Best Nail Clippers For Infants

Whether you are a child, a senior citizen or an adult, there are some unavoidable grooming rituals that we all must engage in to keep ourselves looking clean and presentable in society. Our self-grooming and the way we dress or act defines our role in our society as a functioning and healthy member. That being said, little babies are not able to do these things for themselves. So it is up to their parents to ensure that they take care of little important tasks such as cutting the nails off their children.

Longer nails are actually pretty dangerous for little infants as they can scratch themselves by accident and bleed, not to mention the fact that longer nails carry dirt and diseases which is really harmful for your baby’s health and immunity. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not wise to cut or trim a baby’s nails with your regular sized nail clippers as they are not the safest option. Infants are prone to moving around a lot even when their parents try desperately to hold them still long enough to cut their nails.

That is why it is important to buy the right kind of nail clipper for your child’s needs and that is also precisely why we have compiled this list of the 5 best available nail clippers for infants in the market right now.


Best Nail Clippers For Infants

Safety 1st Steady Grip:

Our first product for today is the Safety 1st Steady grip nail clipper which is quite a beautiful and unique design as it is just the perfect size to hold in your hands comfortably without it being painful or uncomfortable for the parent. This is necessary as your child might make it harder to finish the task quickly which basically makes a comfortable exterior a necessity.

The nail clipper head is so tiny that it is perfect to fit over the contours of a baby’s nails which as any parent knows are far smaller than an adult’s. You can tackle both finger and toe nails and you won’t have to worry about the blades being too sharp either. Sharp blades are not required for babies as their nails are quite softer as well.

Like we mentioned earlier, the clipper is super easy to use as it is ergonomic in nature which means that you can use it without it causing you or your baby any harm. There is also no age limit when it comes to children on using this device as it can be used on newborns, infants and toddlers alike with the best results. The clipper is also compact and lightweight enough to fit in your bag or the baby’s special diaper bag so you can access it with in a moment’s notice.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Smaller clipper head
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Cushion might be too big

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors:

Next, we have the Piyo Piyo’s really effective and handy baby nail scissors and this is a pretty pink one for your baby girls! Many mothers believe that scissors are in fact safer than clipper to cut infant’s nails because they can be swerved and maneuvered in a way that is safe for the child. This product is no exception.

The scissors are special made and are designed specifically to target the soft and delicate skin of your child along with yours as well. The tips of these scissors are rounded instead of super sharp as that is not needed. Plus the best part is that this device can be sued whether you are left or right handed for the parent’s ease of usage. You not only get the scissors but also receive a protective cover in case your child ever gets their hands on this product.

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  • Nail clipping scissors
  • Safe to use
  • Rounded tips
  • Left and right hand compatible
  • A bit pricier

BabyComfy Safety:

We are back again with another clipping product this time and we are talking about the BabyComfy Safety nail clippers which as the name suggests are a 100 percent committed to keeping your baby’s delicate hands and feet safe from really sharp edges and cuts that can occur if you use clipper for adults on them.

The company’s patented design of the blade as one single entity is one of the best ways to ensure that your baby’s skin is protected from harm. The innovation in this one blade design means that your baby is less likely to be cut from the sharp blades and will not feel a thing.

Another great feature is the fact that this device is in fact quite larger than conventional clippers. This is to ensure that the adult or caregiver can accurately see what and how much nail they are cutting off. These are all really elaborate methods to protect your baby’s delicate skin and this is why this product is the winner of the Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in safety. There is also a safety ledge at the bottom which is what helps your child’s finger in place while the nail is being cut to keep it stable.


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  • One blade design
  • Protective safety ledge
  • No sharp edges
  • Might be trickier to use

Little Martin’s Drawer Clippers:

Next, we have the little Martin’s Drawer clipper which also promises the safest clipping or trimming experience for your child because for most parents that is the real problem as their child’s safety trumps maintenance of nails. However, with this clipper you can achieve both as there are so many features in this product.

The first feature is that the trimmer is actually battery operated and thus way more precise and accurate as opposed to regular trimmers. There are 3 unique automatic settings on this device which range from rotation either clockwise or anti-clockwise, a setting to control the speed at either low or high settings and of course a cool function for nail shaping and filing as this device is safe for both adults and babies. There are even 6 soft sandpaper filing papers that can be used on the most delicate baby skin and on your skin to provide the best post cut results.

The whole device is completely lightweight and portable so you can fit it into your baby’s diaper bag and use it whenever the need arises. There is an easy one button interface which makes it super user friendly and it is powered by 2 AA batteries which is a pretty cheap way to power it. Even though it is a battery powered device there is next to no vibrations or unnecessary sounds from this device. In fact the motor on this thing is so quiet that it claims you can use the device on your child as they sleep so your job is made easier. This is actually a great feature for working parents who barely have any time to deal with issues such as these while the child is up and full of energy and this way it is also safer to use the device.

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  • No noise or vibrations
  • Battery powered
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 3 settings
  • Might be pricier

The SnipperClipper Set by Nail Frida:

Our next product is the Snipper Clipper set by Nail Frida which is the best when it comes to cool and innovative features that are all committed to saving your baby’s delicate skin. There is a patented spy hole of sorts which lets the parent know what area of the nail they are cutting from the angle. This ensures that the parent will know at all times what they are doing thus the child will never be in the danger of having their skin cut.

The clippers are also curved as are most adult clippers which is pretty cool as this matches them along the curves of the natural contour of the nails and gets better results. You won’t have to give in much thought or pressure which can be dangerous.

Most people don’t think filing a baby’s nails is necessary however it is pretty important to ensure that there are no rough edges left behind that may cause tears later or even allow the baby to scratch themselves. The filer on this product is shaped like an S and is perfect for tinier fingers as it has been designed especially for a child’s size.

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  • Patented spy hole
  • Curved blades
  • S shaped filer
  • Might not want a set


Lastly but definitely not least, we have the Zoli Buzz B which is a pretty cool clipper for infants as well as it includes a lot of cool accessories such as 4 cushioned pads with textured sides that act as nail filers for your child. Regular filers may be too harsh for your child’s delicate skin.

You also receive a storage bag to keep the product safe for longer and out of your child’s reach and since the product is pretty compact it can be taken along wherever you go.

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  • 4 cushioned pads
  • For all ages
  • Compact
  • Not a lot of features

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