Best Razor For Shaving Legs


Best Razor For Shaving Legs

Searching for the Best Razor For Shaving Legs? You’ve come to the right place.

The mighty handheld razor has been a woman’s best friend for quite some time now. It was one of the first innovations in hair removing strategies that are still being used today just as much as it was in the early days.

This is because of its level of accuracy, reliability and most importantly the ease with which it can be used. It is fast and effective and yet newer and newer technologies are being incorporated along with it to ensure the very best of results. Some may, of course, hold the opinion that waxing or hair epilating creams are much better alternatives but since they are so invasive and might have lasting results on the skin, for many a simple razor does the job better.

One might also say that shaving with a razor is a daily job that can get hectic if you simply do not have the time. However, the increasing costs that one must incur if one wishes to opt for waxing and even laser treatments is too much whereas a good razor is much cheaper and lasts longer as well.

If you’re on the lookout for a product that is especially light on sensitive skin and is great at what it’s supposed to do, then we recommend the Gillette Venus Sensitive razor which is approved by dermatologists and has a 0 percent irritation score.

Best Razor For Shaving Legs

However, if you are not 100 percent convinced here comes the list of Best Razor For Shaving Legs reviews, read on!

  1. Patali Harlequin

The first product we are going to be reviewing today is the Patali Harlequin razor which is by far the most premium product on our list today. It is a little on the expensive side as far as razors come but that’s because of the materials it is designed with.

The Harlequin is fitted with a Pakka wood handle which provides the smoothest and strongest grip. There is no chance of the item slipping out of your grip as the design is also ergonomic which ensures no hand cramps form. A good and sturdy grip on your handheld razor is a must since it will ensure that you have the utmost control while tending to your more sensitive and tricky areas.

The product has been designed keeping the needs of both men and women in mind and therefore is a unisex product. It has been marketed primarily for it’s beautifully designed handle which does not look off places at your bathroom sink. It also prevents ingrown hair very well

It works best with double-edged blades that will not clog up with any gel or foam you apply and definitely will not have hair stuck everywhere due to the ease with which they can be cleaned. Although these blades are sold separately, they are available for purchase and last a long time.

Even though the blade is far better on skin and prevents irritation or redness, it is still cheaper than your average disposable blades.

Its major selling point is after all the beautiful hand made handle which has a different range of colors and is premium designed. The razor itself can be fitted with any double edged razor blades which makes this product versatile and worth the money.

  • Hand made handle
  • Unisex product
  • Ergonomic pakka wood
  • Can fit any blade
  • A little expensive initially


  1. Gillette Venus ComfortGlide

Our next product is the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide which as the name suggests is super smooth on the skin and super easy to use. You could say that the safety glides along the contours of your skin to provide the best and smoothest shave you could ask for.

The Comfort Glide has 3 blades instead of one for optimum coverage. These blades are also curved in a way that follows the natural shape of your legs for the safest and smoothest experience. Besides this, the blades have a pivoting head that curves and glides to best fit the shape of the skin.

Below the blades are also an amazing new technology of moisture bars that provide body butters as you shave so that there is no chance of dryness or irritation occurring. These also ensure that the razor works its way seamlessly across your legs.

Although this product is made of plastic as opposed to the one we discussed earlier, it has an ergonomics design in place that prevents any slippage thanks to the soft grip gel technology it uses.

This razor like most Gillette products fit with all venus handles except for the Simply 3.

  • Body butter moisture bars
  • Curved blades
  • Ergonomic
  • Doesn’t fit other blades and the Simply 3


  1. Gillette Venus Platinum 

Moving on in our list we have the Gillette Venus Platinum which is one of their more premium products that is designed to keep your skin feeling smoother and bump free for longer. This product is from their platinum edition which makes it appear more sleek and stylish. The solid metal handle instead of a plastic one gives you a much better grip but we can’t help feel it will get hard to the touch after a while.

To counter that the company promises that the handle is designed to fit to your hand perfectly but seems to be lacking in overall ergonomics.

This product has its Patented ribbon of moisture in place that gets activated upon contact with water and this ensures that your skin is protected at all times. The smoothness that thr moisture ribbon provides is exemplary and aids the diamond-coated blades with unique precision.

There are 5 blades in this product instead of one which capture more hair with each swipe and therefore reduce the amount of times you need to run the razor over your leg. The head of the razor pivots and almost hugs the shape of the leg as you slide it across.

  • 5 diamond-coated blades
  • Moisture ribbon
  • Pivoting head
  • Not sure about that metal handle


  1. Personna 5 Blade

Our next product is the Personna 5 Blade razor which is proudly promoted as the pro pioneer in the shaving industry as it was the first company that brought the mighty and formidable razor to the United States almost 135 years ago.

Now while that is commendable let’s take a look at what they have brought to the table recently. The Personna is equipped with state of the art steel blades which provide the best shaving experience for women and are not just limited for the legs as you can use them virtually everywhere including your arms, underarms and even your super sensitive bikini region without any fear.

The high-quality blade will also not rust quick but since it is a disposable razor that issue will never arise.

There is a rounded cartridge in this device which is designed to shape and follow the natural contours of a woman which means that nicks and cuts are out of the question.

Like most razors, the Personna is also fitted with a moisture halo that contains aloe vera extracts, vitamin E and even some botanical oils to make sure your skin feels no distress. These three combined prevent irritation, provide nourishment and aid the blades to do their job far smoother.

The razor also is equipped with an easy clean and quick rinse technology that means you dont have to keep swiping the razor clean as you shave. Use it in the shower or with a good foaming gel as it is very easy to use and versatile.

  • Quick rinse
  • Moisture halo
  • Steel blades
  • Rounded cartridge
  • Ergonomics missing


  1. Gillette Venus Platinum Extra

The Gillette Venus Platinum extra is next on our list as it also provides the user with 4 refill blades along with the razor itself and that makes this a great savers deal!

Have you ever experienced the scare of having nicked your leg while using an ordinary razor? Are you tired of covering up those nasty burns and bumps that have become normal with your everyday shave? Well then this product by Gillette might be the best one for you as the 5 blades that are coated with diamond like material provides the smoothest and ingrown hair free shaving experience that you could ever get.

While we are still doubtful about the ergonomics involved due to the handle being made of solid platinum, we love how unbelievably sturdy and waterproof it is. Plus the fact that it is fitted with a handle that has been engineered to fit in your hand perfectly also makes it interesting.

As we discussed earlier, this version also has a moisture ribbon that works when it comes in contact with water and acts as a proper lubricant that reduces the friction between your skin and the blades. So don’t worry about leaving for work all bloody in the morning.

  • Moisture ribbon
  • Solid steel handle
  • 4 extra refills
  • Diamond-like coating
  • Ergonomics could be better


  1. Schick Intuition


Our next product is from a brand called Schick and the products name is Intuition which is also a woman’s best friend just like this razor. It offers an impressive 6 refill pack that means you won’t have to go buying more for quite some time.

This razor works best if instead of on the leg, you apply the shaving foam or cream directly onto the razor for maximum protection. Since it soaks up the cream that you put on it, there is enough moisture to prevent any irritation or burns on the skin.

The water activated moisture bar on this device promotes skin conditioning which means that you will receive the absolute best care while simultaneously shaving off that unwanted hair. Enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera gel means this product is best for sensitive skin. The four attached blades and this moisture bar both combined make this device a hypoallergenic one as well.

  1. Gillette Venus Tropical 

Next we have another wonderful product from Gillette which is the Venus Tropical which is great for those users who love a good fruity and tropical fragrance. This is the only product on this list that has any long lasting fragrance and it is also the only one that has a fading strip indicator that allows you to replace your razor before it becomes completely useless.

The aloe vera infused moisture strip ensures that your legs are not met with a harsh blade alone and have some nourishment along for the ride. The blades in question are 3 in number and offer an additional cushion of protection via their protective exterior so you are not exposed to the blades directly.

You will also find yourself using this razor effortlessly due to its pivoting head that moves in any direction you please. As mentioned earlier, the moisture strip has a fading indicator that let’s you know when to buy a new one.

What’s unique about this product is the fact that the handle contains the fragrance which is why its so long lasting.

  • Fading indicator
  • 3 blades with protection cushion
  • Aloe vera strip
  • Might not like the scent


  1. Gillette Venus Sensitive 

The next product on our list is the Gillette Venus razor for super sensitive skin. The company claims that as per a detailed study on consumer reviews of the product, most reported that this was the smoothest shave they had ever had with 0 percent irritation.

As most Venus products this one is also equipped with 2 blades that are specifically designed to mimic the natural contours of your body to ensure that your experience is comfortable.

In terms of the protection its moisture strip provides, the Venus Sensitive takes it a notch higher with it’s Skin Elixir lubra strip that promises the perfect glide. Furthermore, the product has also been tested and approved by dermatologists that recommend it for super sensitive skin types.

The best part about this product is that you do not have to keep changing its razor blade as the one it is sold with is a durable and strong one.

  • No need to replace blade
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Extra powerful lubra strip
  • None really


9. Schick Hydro Silk

The next product we are going to be looking into is the Schick Hydro Silk razor which is an amazing product if you suffer from dry or easily irritated skin. It is equipped with a moisturizing serum that makes this product one that is hypoallergenic in nature which basically means you do not have to worry about any allergic reaction or irritation from occuring while you use the product.

There is also the cool fact that this product is a waterproof bikini trimmer along with being a razor for all other regions. It is hydrating and provides nourishment to areas it works on. Plus the two in one thing is really convenient especially if you barely have the time or the money to keep buying separate products. The moisture retention capability after usage is up to 2 hours which is also handy. Since the trimmer is waterproof, don’t worry about getting it wet in the shower or even while you bathe as no damage will come to the device.

The blades of this product are curved and instead of one you get five premium quality blades that move as one. They are so precise that you will get the closest shave every time and your skin will feel soft and supple.  The product also comes with an adjustment comb that has 4 customizable settings in built so you have the freedom to shave as you desire.

  • 5 curved blades
  • Waterproof trimmer
  • Moisture retention
  • Hypoallergenic
  • None as of yet


10. Gillette Venus Embrace

We are now finally at our final product for the day which is another Gillette product from their Venus range. This device offers all the benefits that average Venus products have but as the name suggests, if you are looking for the absolute close shaving experience where the blades hug your natural curves flawlessly, then this is the product for you!

It comes with an ergonomic soft-grip handle which allows you greater control whenever you shave. This also means that it won’t cause any discomfort to your hand even if you use it for extended periods of time. Since you will most likely be using it in the shower or at the sink, the grip also prevents the product from slipping out of your grasp.

The moisture ribbon along side the blades ensures that upon contact with water, your legs receive the best care when it comes to simultaneous nourishment and soothing strokes. All of these elements along with the curve hugging blade contours ensure that you are able to tackle all those pesky hairs in less swipes and less time!

  • Moisture ribbon
  • Soft grip handle
  • Curve contour
  • Disposable

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