Ceramic vs. titanium curling wand


Ceramic vs. titanium curling wand

For the modern woman, there are a lot of different options available in the market today for all your hair styling needs. Now who doesn’t love a good curled hair look done effortlessly at home? However, more and more users are getting aware of the subsequent damage that your hair can get if heated products are used often.

Ceramic vs. Titanium Curling Wand

Luckily for us, manufacturers are constantly trying to change this as they are developing newer and better heat proof wands and barrels on curlers to make them safer and easier to use. Today, we are going to be looking at two kinds which are supposed to get the job done faster and without any damage to the hair.

These are titanium and ceramic wands to curl your hair. Now as materials, both ceramic and titanium have amazing properties which transfer heat to your hair in a way that is effective but not that it harms your hair too much. These kinds are super popular with professional stylists as well as they also help smoothen out tangles in the hair and prevent heat damage. However, there are a few differences between the two and we have decided to offer a side by side comparison of the two kinds in terms of a few features that they host.


One major issue in all heat transferring tools is that you want them to provide a uniform amount of heat all over the strand. This ensures that the heat is spread evenly and no one part is exposed to more than is necessary. Ceramic wands generally excel in this category as they spread the ehat out evenly as opposed to titanium ones which may end up having some cold spots which may ruin the hair style.

Next, there is also a question of how fast a device’s wand heats up. Now for this, titanium works best as it is a metal and it heats up far faster than ceramic. Now this may be an advantage as it saves up on time but it can be pretty hot so it needs to be handled with care.

Another category where titanium has the obvious advantage is the amount of time it will last for you. The performance will not fade even after some time as it is a stronger material whereas ceramic may be prone to developing cracks in its wand. This also relates to the fact that although ceramic irons are more expensive, titanium ones will still last longer.

Titanium products are also lightweight so they can be transported far easier and will not feel heavy in your hands even after extended periods of use. That being said, ceramic irons are definitely safer for your hair especially if you are worried about heat damage.

In conclusion both have their apparent flaws and pros but the onus lies on the user to figure out what kind of product works best for their hair type and length.


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