Ultimate Guide To Best Derma Rollers For Beard Growth 2022


Beard Roller is the device with the most microneedles and is used to rise beard growth. It is also known as the derma roller for the beard. It pierces the beard skin with titanium micro-needles, which increases blood circulation in this area of the skin, assists the beard to grow quicker, and triggers the inactive hair follicles which allow it to fill even a sparse area.

The beard growth roller has been found to be very effective in many cases after following the Ultimate Guide To Best Derma Rollers For Beard Growth 2022. It also works for you if you have sunken areas or for a beard if it doesn’t grow on specific areas of the skin. The beard roller uses the method of micro-needling to enhance beard growth.

Growth of the beard requires devotion and will to think out of context. Apart from selecting the best beard oils for beard grooming, it also forces you to think about the quality of the skin under that beard.

There are some rules when it comes to growing a beard. This contains keeping the body well hydrated at all times, choosing healthy foods, choosing the best beard grooming products and quality, and above all, keeping sufficient blood flow to the beard area.

Top Beard Roller Kits

Different companies are now offering various Beard rollers and their use is starting to increase due to their effectiveness. These are available in various kinds of needle sizes and with diverse beard growth solutions.

Beard rollers help nurture, hydrate, cleanse, and refresh facial hair, which can assist to promote growth and make your beard healthy. To help you improve your beard growth, we’ve summarized a list of some of the best beard rollers on the market.

JJ ELLIE Derma Roller

JJ ELLIE Derma Roller

This JJ ELLIE derma beard roller includes 540 titanium micro-needles for each 0.25mm needle, which provides a safer derma rolling treatment for your beard skin. It’s also inexpensive, with good ratings and great reviews.

Not only does it enhance beard growth, but it is also a great tool for other skin problems like fine lines and stretch marks. You can apply Minoxidil for better results if you need to grow a beard and if you have patched it will work fine.


Dukes Beard Derma Roller

Dukes Beard Derma Roller

Duke Beard Growth Kit, offering beard growth oil serum with the best beard roller, giving you the best results to grow a full and healthy beard. It has a 0.25 size titanium needle which gives you a safe opportunity to use it comfortably at home.

This product is not just for the beard. You can also use it to enhance hair growth in bald areas or any other area you want. If you have tried any other Beard Roller as well, it will give better results than all.



BEARDLY Beard Growth Roller

BEARDLY Beard Growth Roller

If you are finding for the best pack with beard roller and beard oil then we included this kit that is good and has great user reviews. It only has a 0.2mm needle which is safe to use and also its titanium which makes it stronger and harmless.

Beard oil makes your beard smoother and they have parted these products with great reviews and comments, this will assist you to grow your beard effectively.


How to Use a Derma Roller for Beard?

As micro-needling isn’t rocket science, there are a few facts to keep in mind before you start using the beard needle roller on your face. So let’s take a glance at what you must do before you start the treatment and then see what to anticipate from the process.

Here we added some recommendations that can be used for all skin types and to keep in mind before usage of face roller for beard growth.

Pre-Micro-Needling Routine

Before using the beard roller, you need to perform a needle routine. This will assist to make the skin ready for treatment. So what do you have to do? We recommend washing your face with a mild cleanser or exfoliating scrub.

Then you need to dry your face with a soft towel. Do not rub to dry as this can increase skin irritation. When your face is dry and clean, you can start using the derma roller to enhance beard growth.


You need to be careful not to press too hard on the roller. A good way to adjust this is to do a patch test on your arm first. If it hurts, you’re maybe pushing too hard.

If it does not hut, so it’s the perfect pressure to use on your face. You may need to put a little more pressure on areas like the cheeks as there is no resistance on the arm.


You can use the beard growth derma roller from one to seven minutes, but take care it is no more than seven. Longer duration could cause bleeding, irritation, and other uninvited side effects. Make sure you’ve looked at all of the areas you want treatment on.


Make sure to roll forth and back in all directions vertically, horizontally, and slantwise for best results. You want to get even treatment around your face. You don’t need to be too specific with this step because with the passage of time you will be able to tell which angles are most effective for you. Try to cover all directions and the experience will direct you!


The frequency of micro-needling depends on the type of skin, the pressure used, the duration of the application, and the size of the needle. It is necessary to give the skin time to reconcile and recover because through the soothing process the body sends out collagen and blood to help this injury and stimulate hair growth.

As a general rule, if you are using needles of 0.50 mm and larger, you have to take a gap for 48 hours between treatments. If you use 0.25mm and smaller needles, you can do this every day. But since everyone is different, you should let treat your skin as per its nature!

Post-Micro Needling Routine

After using the micro roller for the beard on your face, clean it with a facial hair cleanser, then use beard balm or beard oil.

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