How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver


How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver

We have heard a lot about electric shavers and how they are an absolute wonder to work with at home as not only are they are a cost effective method of beard and facial hair grooming but are also a pretty fast and convenient way to get the necessary maintenance done. Some might say that using a conventional safety razor is as good but that will not afford you the precision and comfort an electric shaver will lend to the entire process.

How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver

As with any grooming process that involves a sharp object such as a blade, it is imperative to ALWAYS PREP THE SKIN FIRST. You skin will thank you for it and you will be less likely to damage your own skin. Use any good pre-shave lotions, gels or creams to both soften up the area and to tame those unruly mustache hairs which to be very honest are all over the place. This is also to aid the blades to swiftly glide across the area instead of causing your hair any potential harm. Do remember to thoroughly clean out the solution you apply though.

Working on damp hair is fine but make sure your hair is not too wet as this can make it harder for you to reach all your hair. Of course we use a fine toothed beard comb for that purpose in order to keep the hair in one place. When you brush your hair it is far easier to trim in one swift swipe.


The problem with mustache hair is that is rarely grows out evenly which is why it is imperative that you cut it off as evenly as possible. Begin at the corner of your beard on both sides and always hold the blades at an angle. This will ensure that the cutting or shaving is done with extreme precision. Start at the top of the mustache if you want really clean lines. The best part about many electric shavers nowadays is that they are super precise and can cut even the trickiest of areas such as around your cupid’s bow. Still remember to handle the entire situation with short and calculated strokes rather than a whole gliding action over the entire lip.

The next most important bit is to slowly but steadily try to reduce the amount of hair that you have on your mustache. Some people have extremely sparse mustaches which are of course easier to handle whereas others have really coarse and thick growth which can be tougher to tackle. Therefore reducing the volume of the hair growth becomes necessary before it is completely shaved off.

This is best left to an electric trimmer because that will be most efficient at removing the hair without any close contact to the skin. Most electric shavers nowadays have built in pop up trimmers so that’s also easily sorted. Use a specialized brush to capture the longer and thicker hair growth and cleanly trim them out so that the volume is reduced quite a bit. Many devices also come with unique cutting length combs that will make your life a whole lot easier as you have the freedom to decide how much hair you want to trim off. This is excellent for sharing and styling your hair or to lend the user a hand if they are fairly inexperienced.

We are now at the final stages of the process. If you are in for shaving the entire thing off, this will be much easier now that you have trimmed off the excess hair that might have gotten in the way and lead to an uneven cut. However if you want to shape up the mustache and keep it there slightly, then the last but definitely not the least step would be to check if you have left any fly-aways or extra hair anywhere which are too long or not the right shape. This will be fairly easy to do but make sure you are in a well-lit area so you make no mistakes.

If you do find any excess hairs that are left even after you cut them off we suggest that you use a pair of handy scissors might do the trick better than if you used a trimmer because this is just to give in the final touches. We recommend that you keep a small mirror, a comb for length adjustment and a pair of precise scissors on hand along with your electric shaver.

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