How to use a spiral curling iron


How to use a spiral curling iron

Nowadays we have a lot of options in the hair styling department with unique and trendy styles that we see on TV being relatively easier to achieve with specific products. However being able to use those products the correct way is no easy feat and does require a little practice. Here’s a step by step guide on how to use a spiral curling iron at home!


How to use a spiral curling iron

Using any product on dirty, unclean and unwashed hair is a big mistake! The tools you use will not be able to do their tasks well if you haven’t shampooed and conditioned your hair beforehand. Also most heating products require completely dry hair so make sure your hair isn’t damp. The spiral curling iron is also a heat intensive tool so it is wise to apply some heat protectant beforehand.

Next, divide the hair into sections.

It really is true what they say; patience is a virtue! To get that beautiful spiral curled look, you need to have the patience to work in smaller sections so that each strand gets the right kind of attention. If your hair is longer and thick in texture, you will have more strands so be prepared to take it slow. Even if your hair is comparatively thin it is still recommended that you work in smaller sections. This makes your styling job far easier.


Start twisting your hair onto the device.

Here is when the actual job begins. Pick up a section and neatly wrap it around the curling iron barrel. Make sure it is tightly twisted around the curly area. Be sure that the strand is locked into the spirals and the barrel so that your curls are perfect. Now this is the important bit. Once the hair is wrapped around be sure to only keep it there for no more than 10 seconds, although for lighter hair a few seconds will do. Keeping the section there for longer will only damage your hair so avoid that.

Let your hair cool down completely.

Now that you have let your hair go and they are properly curled, do not start brushing or separating the locks just yet. Even if you are pressed for time, we recommend waiting at least a minute or two before sliding them out. This is because they are more likely to stay curled for longer if they are allowed to cool down completely. Once the curls have set and you’ve released each strand from the curling iron, you have to give it time to cool completely.

Also as a rule, never brush you hair after you have used a spiral curling iron as you want to keep that curled definition that they provide. For beachy waves, a person may brush them out but here just a slight pull around with your hands should do the trick.

When all of this is done and you have your hair looking the way you want, just lightly spray them with a mist of hair spray to lock them in for longer.

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