What Is A Foil Shaver?


What Is A Foil Shaver

Every beard owner is well acquainted with the functioning and types of Electric Shavers in the market as they are really useful devices that allow you to groom, clean, style and maintain your beard within the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to step out or pay ridiculously large amounts of money for a specialist’s point of view as you have all of that right in your hand. However, what most users do not know is that even in shavers, there are categories that work on specific features and specs. This makes them specialized devices which tend to particular problem areas that you may have. That is not to say that a rotary shaver for example, might not be as versatile to tackle a task an electromagnetic shaver might be designed to tackle.

What Is A Foil Shaver?

However when it comes to electric shavers and their types, the foil shaver is the most underrated out of all these categories as they are seriously overshadowed by rotary or pivot shavers. Those are also great but a foil shaver is basically an electric shaver that has blades which are covered by a thin metal foil which acts as a barrier between the skin and the blades. So, if you suffer from dry and easily irritated skin, this is your best friend. The foil also acts as a sort of vacuum that picks up all the cut off hair so that you clean as you shave and maintenance is a breeze.

Since you can get super close to your skin as there is no worry of cuts and irritation, a foil shaver is by far the best device to opt for if you want a super close clean shave. Most electric shavers with foils work with the aid of oscillating blades that are underneath the foil and they better cut the hair as they are not static. Foil cutters have mesh like holes which are basically where the cut up hair travels to and is stored.

Some of the reasons why you should go for a foil shaver besides the sensitivity measure are because you are a relatively inexperienced user who only shaves in straight lines for now. This kind of device also works best for really sparse and fine hair as opposed to really long and thick hair as it is easier to capture. Another big reason in the favor of the foil shaver is the fact that even after a day or two stubble growth comes out and this is not something any electric shaver can handle but a foil shaver can as it gets as close to the skin as the user wants. If you like a super clean shave face, then you should definitely go for this device.


In terms of harder to reach and trickier areas such as the neck, your side burns and even the mustache, there is a lot of precision required and that can be achieved via a foil shaver as it is ideal for providing the smoothest shaves.

When the user is assured that the device will not cause bleeding, cuts, damage to the skin and ingrown hairs, it is far quicker to maneuver a device around which is why we love the foil shaver for fast and accurate shaves. However there are some drawbacks to using a foil shaver although they are not so off putting that you do not opt for one. Mostly, the issue with a foil shaver is also its best thing. It is really easy to use and therefore not preferred by experts who like to use electric shavers in different techniques. The foil shaver is only suited for straight lines whether horizontal or vertical so if you prefer using your device in circular motions, that’s bad news for you.

Foil shavers are also outdated in the sense that they come really close to the skin but need constant managing as they cannot really blend into your facial contours as say a pivot razor might.  However if you want to use a foil shaver as you are a bit inexperienced and was a user friendly model, we suggest you take care of its maintenance so that you can keep using it for precise and comfortable shaves.

Always clean your device well after you have used it. If it does not have water proof capabilities then be sure to use a lubricant like oil and a cleaning brush to gently clean out the blades so there are no issues later on. Leaving out a shaver without drying it is also a big mistake as it makes easier for rust to take over and your blades will suffer. If on the other hand your product is waterproof then all you have to do is clean it up with some lukewarm water and then leave it out to air dry. Using a good cleaner along with the water is a good idea as well.

Another major issue can be overusing your product so we genuinely recommend that you opt against that since your product might overheat. This is particularly bad for foil shavers as they already have a metal foil on top which may get damaged due to overheating. If the product allows it, be sure to keep replacing your foils and your blades as well after at least 4 months of usage, especially if you use your machine daily. In order to prevent this issue from arising proper maintenance and lubrication of your blades and foils is also a good way. If you adhere to all these precautions, your shaving experience will go off without a hitch and your product will also last longer.

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