Jade Rollers for Smooth and Glowing Skin


From the 17th century, these Jade rollers for smooth and glowing skin are there, while the ancient Chinese royalty used them in their skincare routine.

By the double process, Jade face rollers show their magic: first, they improve blood circulation by gently massaging the tissues of the face, leaving the skin more glowing and slightly contoured.

The second way they work is by draining lymph fluid. Lymphatic fluid moves white blood cells and nutrients around the body, but it also emits toxins.

Lymph fluid is slower and can get stuck; it’s not like the blood that flows quickly on its own that’s why Lymph fluid could be the reason for swelling and puffiness. To handle this situation use a jade massage roller. It releases stagnant lymph fluid from the face to make their flow smooth, resulting in less puffiness and a brighter glow.

Moreover, the best Jade rollers have become a popular facial tool for many people, people admiring them for their feature to contour the face and reduce morning swelling or puffiness through lymphatic drainage.

How to use a jade roller?

Add Product to Your Face

Before you get your jade massage roller, prep the smooth pores and skin of your face with the help of using your serums and oils. Just make assured not to rub it completely on your own so that the jade roller can also get to work. This is a fantastic remedy to do with a serum or as a very last step together along with your facial oil to penetrate it to skin completely.

Initiate from Collarbone and Neck

Use the jade roller moving from the bottom to the top of the face. Professional recommends starting with your collarbone. Start from the collarbone and roll smoothly from the midline of the body to the edge of the collarbone. When you pass the roll, move it one step and draw another line.

So, we also suggested that you move around the neck in the same way. When you get to the neck, continue this movement from the midline outward and up the neck.

Remember to hit the sides of the neck and just below the jawline. Press and gradually move on the neck and the base of the chin. This light pressure gives the neck an anti-stress massage, also promoting blood circulation.

Transition to Your Face

Now is the time for the facial muscles to work on. You will follow the same pattern you followed on the neck and collarbone as you roll from the corners of the mouth in an upward motion and outward toward the ears and hairline.

Start on both sides of the nose, pushing outer as you roll. A light touch is essential: if you press too hard, the jade could accidentally break the capillaries and leave little red marks on your face.

Small Stone for The Eye Area

Use the small stone the for eye area if you have a double-sided jade roller. The added dexterity makes it easy to target puffy dark circles. Just roll from the inner corner of the eye outward. Because the skin under and above the eyes is very delicate, that’s why professionals stress the importance of using this tool as gently as possible. Don’t press too hard!

Clean Your Roller

Clean and sanitize Jade Rollers for Smooth and Glowing Skin before storing it for later use. Rolling too violently and not cleaning the Jade Roller can annoy and even damage your skin. So be assured to use it softly and carefully and clean it after each use. This will help prevent future rashes.

Sprinkle some mild soap or baby shampoo on the stone, and then run it under lukewarm water. Finally, spread Jade Rollers out on a clean towel to dry it.

Best jade roller

Shiffa Jade Facial Roller

Shiffa Jade Facial Roller


Shiffa Jade Roller is one of the top jade face rollers that will help you to tone your skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles. Most importantly, the large stone is best for softly massaging the forehead cheeks, and jaw, while the small one works perfectly to the eyes and nose.

This Jade facial massager help to reduce puffiness, swelling, tighten your pores, and also help out to absorb all negative energy by gentle even face massage. Use gentle sweeping motions as you roll from the midline of the face outward. Remember to include the neckline, for maximum relaxation and to reduce signs of aging on the chest and neck.


Atahana Jade Roller

Atahana Jade Roller

For beginners, the Atahana beauty set is the best option to choose. This magical set contains roller and gua sha tool, made with authentic and genuine Xiuyan jade, from China. In addition, you will also have access to an aesthetic video tutorial and an ebook of Jade Rollers for Smooth and Glowing Skin to learn the perfect rolling technique for lymphatic drainage.

Furthermore, the gua sha jade tool is also used for massage and drainage of the face, moreover, also best for massaging other areas of the body. With consistent use, you will see invigorated skin, reduced wrinkles, and tightened pores.


Ethons Jade Roller

Ethons Jade Roller

Ethons set contains both the gua sha tool and roller while using this against your skin for a massage you can attain a cool feeling as well as helps to reduce skin problems.  This allows easy to control the pressure and massage will be great by using both small and large stones roll smoothly over the face.

Also, this jade face roller not only helps you to reduce fine lines or to relieve tension but also with its soothing and relaxing effect help to lessen the headache and pain of the jaw. Use the gua sha tool for extra pressure or a neck and upper back massage. For the perfect home facial feel try to use your jade massage roller with your night cream or oil.

What Are The Main Jade Roller Benefits?

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Jade roller has long been recognized as a significant semi-precious stone, as it is held to have calming and healing properties. Whether or not you think crystals and stones can have this effect on your skin and well-being, rolling jade over your skin has many highlighted benefits.

Jade Rollers for Smooth and Glowing Skin help to enhance and make better blood circulation, which helps flush toxins and impurities from your system. The result of it will be less congestion, fewer breakouts, and a more improved, healthy glow.

Jade rollers also work marvels when used softly around the eyes as they can diminish puffiness and dark circles. By eradicating additional fluid under the eye that accumulates overnight, the refreshing cool jade stone helps narrow blood vessels and avoid puffiness and swelling.


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