Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Electric Shaver

There are many things people with beards have to face in their daily life. But with the help of this beginner’s buying guide for choosing the best electric shaver, they can make the best choice of their life. With various life experiences they have, they know how to deal with their beard problems. But for the beginners who are getting their stubble these days either want the groomed beard or hate the beard altogether.

According to the younger generation’s perspective, there’s no in between the beard and shave. For the younger generation as well as those people who are struggling from the scams of blades or shaver type, I have made this comprehensive guide to answer all their queries regarding the shaver type.

For which purpose electric shaver is used:

Before moving any further, we need to know what shaver is, and what purpose it fulfills. Basically, a shaver is the mechanized version of the blade.

We have been seeing Body Shavers in ads for a long time but now the time of blades is numbered because the ease electric shaver provides cannot be achieved by blades. The electric shavers are like the boss in the field of cutting, trimming beard hair as well as for fine shaves.

Pros of Electric Shaver:

  • Electric shavers can be used for any skin type
  • They are most favorable for sensitive skin
  • Can cut any length of hair
  • Comes with a variety of combs to facilitate cutting beard hairs
  • Easy to use
  • No professional skill is required to use it
  • Easy to clean through the help of cleaning liquids and brush
  • New models come with self-cleaning
  • Can be used anywhere whether you are on holiday or late for work
  • Comes with warranty
  • One-time investment as compared to blades

Cons of Electric Shaver:

  • Difficult to steer through contours of the face
  • The different type works for different skin as well as hair length
  • Battery power is limited
  • Blades of shaver needs maintenance and costly to pay.

For which purpose Classic Shaving Blades are used:

Blades are like the old horse in the field of beard making as well as shaving. People who consider themselves as classic mostly use old brush, gel, and blades for their daily shave.

Pros of Classic Shaving Blade:

  • Can work for any skin type
  • Hair are removed deeply
  • No need for costly maintenance
  • Gives classic look
  • Can be used anywhere

Cons of Classic Shaving Blade:

  • Requires skill to use it otherwise can cause bruises and cuts on the skin
  • Blades cannot be used if you are in a hurry
  • Need tap water for proper operation
  • Cannot do dry shaving

So, we know that electric shavers are best if you want daily shave as well as for trimming the beard hair through the attachments it comes with.

Types of Electric Shaver available in the market:

There are two types of electric shaver in the market and both come for a different purpose. For your knowledge, let us discuss both types before moving any further.

Foil Based Electric Shaver:

This Foil Based Electric Shaver can be used by any person, whether having hair from small length to average length. This type of shaver is also suitable for people with sensitive skin because it has a curved foil on the head with spacing in it.

This structure provides space for the hair to get into the foil where they are cut down by the blade, which is just reciprocating behind the foil cover. With the help of this process chances of bruises as well as cuts on the skins are almost zero.

Foil based electric shavers are best for daily-use operation and can cut thin short hair of beard with ease. If your beard hair are of average length then go for the double foil system, which can cut the medium length hair with ease.

For long beard hair, a triple foil system is used. But be aware of the fact that it is a shaver, not the trimmer which can reduce the length of your beard hair. So, don’t cut long beard hair with the help of a foil shaver.

Features of Foil Based Electric Shaver:

  • Comes with battery in order to reduce the mess of wire
  • Easy to use
  • No professional skill is required to use it
  • Easy to clean
  • Some models come with self-cleaning dock
  • Charging is done on the small charging dock with ease
  • Sensitive skin people can use it without any fear of bruise and cuts
  • Easy to maintain
  • No need of changing the foil blades often
  • The led display tells the health of the battery

Pros of Foil Based Electric Shaver:

  • Can be used on holidays
  • No need for maintenance
  • Self-cleaning just saves precious time
  • No need to change the foil blades regularly
  • Comes with charging dock
  • For quick shave, foil is preferred by most of the people

Cons of Foil Based Electric Shaver:

  • Extra-long hair cannot be shaved
  • Some models do not come with a guarantee
  • Some model do not have a self-cleaning process that may cause hindrance in the performance of the device
  • Models with wet operation are not up to the mark
  • Costly machine not everyone can buy it
  • Work on the contour of the skin is not up to the mark

Rotary Blade Based Electric Shaver:

If you are looking for a shaver that can truly be tagged as the all-rounder shaver, then go for a rotary blade based electric shaver. They can be used for any skin type and for any hair length.

It has most of the time three rotary heads floating above the base. And have a perforated space in between these heads opening. This perforated space allows the hair to move into the head, and just below the head there is a rotatory blade which cuts the hair.

The whole system is just like the foil but has advantages over it like a guard is installed in between the heads to protect the skin from any cuts. The rotor head also has many types like some have more than three heads to better work on the contour of the face as well as on hair length.

For sensitive skin, this rotary head is not suitable. But newer designs with better options like tilt floating rotary head give more streamlined shave all over the face.

Features of Rotary Blade Based Electric Shaver:

  • Can cut any hair length
  •  Comes with skin guard
  • Tilt rotary head gives reach to every contour of the face
  •  Comes in a rechargeable battery option
  •  Can do both wet and dry shaving in most of the new models
  •  It can be cleaned by the help of brush as well as under the sink
  •  New models come with warranty of rotor blade
  •  User friendly interface design
  •  Weight is optimal for daily users

Pros of Rotary Blade Based Electric Shaver:

  • An all-rounder in shaving field
  • Rechargeable battery dock is time saver
  • Quick shave can be done with ease
  • Mobility along the contour side is outstanding
  • Self-cleaning comes in newer models

Cons of Rotary Blade Based Electric Shaver:

  • Even with the skin guard sensitive skin people feel irritation
  •  Costly machine to buy
  • Less battery life
  •  Need proper maintenance for older models
  • Long hair can be pulled out of skin which can cause pain

We have discussed the types. But hold on, wait a minute before you jump to buy this.

There are a number of things you should consider before buying a shaver.

Power type For Electric Shaver:

Shaver comes in different power types which are as follows.

Non-Rechargeable Battery Configuration:

Most of the shaver nowadays even runs on Double-A battery and need new pair of batteries every time we need a shave. This type of shaver is a total mess. Suppose you are shaving and suddenly your shaver runs out of battery, and you need to go to work. This could be a disaster.


Rechargeable Battery Configuration:

Most new rechargeable electric shaver models come with a quick charge that will provide you a long time of shaving on fewer minutes of charge. Most demanded shaver models come with a rechargeable battery. Which can be charged in a short span of time and would give you almost about 1 hour of shaver life. These also come with a rechargeable dock small enough to be placed on your sink-side for your ease.

Cord Operation Based Power:

Even some models come with cord and not with batteries. This limits their mobility as well as their use on countryside places. So, it’s your choice if you buy this type of shaver.

Cord and Rechargeable Based Battery Option:

With the advancement in technology new shaver comes with cord that can be attached to the shaver to provide energy if shaver runs out of battery. This is a life-saver option and I also personally recommend this type of shavers.

Shaver that suits your Skin Type:

There are many shavers available in the market that don’t suit sensitive skin, and can seriously damage the sensitive skin. So, beware before of buying any shaver whether it suits your skin or not. Not all shavers are for every hair length. Some work fine for long hair while others on short hair.

For long Hair

The only rotary head shaver is suitable, if they are having more than two heads to cut the hair. The skin guard protection system is also required for long hair shave. While on the other hand, three foil head electric shaver can also do the shaving job for long hair quite nicely.

For Medium Hair

Both the rotary as well as foil based electric shaver is suitable, and there is no need for any precaution for it except in the case of foil base shaver which uses a double head foil for this operation.

For Short Hair

The foil based shaver is the best option for short hair type, and it can be used for a daily shave with ease. The sensitive skin person doesn’t need to worry about anything while buying a foil based electric shaver for their short beard hair.

In the End if you want to try Best Bald Head Electric Shavers then try our Best Bald Shaver Reviews on it.

Wet and Dry Shaving Capabilities:

The shaver must have the capacity to cut both dry and wet hair. Or can be used during the shower. This type of multipurpose shaver is a true gift to humanity.

Thanks to the advanced technology and the sealing of the shaver which enables it to withstand even the submergence in the water. If you are taking shower and have a meeting, the first thought that come across your mind is to look nice and tidy.

So, you are short of time and cannot have spare time to use shaver on dry hair. With this capability of wet shaving, you can easily shave while taking a bath and could not get current because of the waterproof sealing. So, when you are looking for a multipurpose shaver then do check about its wet capabilities also.

Quick Charging Capacity of Shaver:

Quick charging is a very important feature and needs to be present in all shaving technologies. For example, if you are in hurry and your shaver doesn’t have enough battery power to complete the whole shaving.

Then the only thing that can save you is quick charging. By the help of quick charging your shaver will charge itself within a short span of time, while having enough battery power to help you do a complete shave and to provide you supreme shaving experience.

This type of quick charging is similar to mobile charging through USB-C port which within half an hour charges half of your batteries. So, if you are a person who is always in a hurry then opt for a shaver that comes with quick charging capabilities.

Auto Cleaning Dock of Electric Shaver:

Most of the shaver holders complain about the hectic cleaning process from which they have to go through every time they shaved. To facilitate them in order to utilize this cleaning time for the better purposes the shaver companies introduced the self-cleaning procedure in which you just have to place the shaver in the cleaning dock and close the container. The whole cleaning is done by itself in that dock.

This not only saves your time but also create a time-space in your daily hectic routine, which you can use for any other productive purpose.

If you are a busy person and hate cleaning the shaver then I will recommend you to buy a shaver that comes with an auto cleaning dock. This shaver no doubt is expensive but saves you a lot of time.

Good blades that can be Replaceable:

If you are a daily user of a shaver then you need to know better that after some specific period of time shaver loses its cutting efficiency due to the corrosion of the blade.

In order to get rid of these, we also need replacements. For this purpose availability of blades in the market is also an important thing which any shaver buyer should consider before buying a shaver. It is more like shaver maintenance.

Blade Build Quality:

If you need a shaver whose blade lasts long without even compromising the shaving performance then you have to buy an expensive shaver, whose blade comes with latest technology and lasts more than 2 years without the need for replacement.

The ergonomic design of the Electric Shaver:

Buy those shavers that have an ergonomic design, which can be easily gripped in the hand and need no extra care to handle it.

Take it as an example that you are shaving your face while taking shower. If the grip of the shaver is not enough then you will definitely lose control or can even mess with your shave.

So be careful and choose the shaver which can be easily gripped in your hand and is lightweight.

LED Interface of Electric Shaver:

It will be helpful if your shaver is on low power mode and gives you live reaming power reading on the LED interface screen shaver builtin Phillips Norelco 9000. Then you know how much time you have left to get your shave done.

This will also remind you before shave that how much time is left for the battery to be completely drained off. This feature will provide you with the necessary information you need like when the time for cleaning is due. So do ponder about this feature also.

Weight of Shaver:

If you want a shaver for daily use then you also have to consider the weight of the shaver because shaving requires time and a heavy machine is difficult to carry for time-consuming operations. So, consider the weight in your checklist for buying the shaver as an important point. A heavy shaver is always neglected in the market.

Tilt-Head Option of Rotary Electric Shaver:

If you are buying a shaver that is rotor head based then buy the one whose head can be looked as well can be able to float or tilt freely. This will provide you better contour experience on your face and can easily remove the hair along the contour of your face with ease.

Attachment with the Electric Shaver:

Always buy the shaver that comes with a variety of useful attachments that you can use for a smooth shaving experience. Like nose hair removal, hair trimmer option, trimmer attachment to cut your ear hair. All these options are useful and nearly everyone needs these.

Warranty of the Electric Shaver:

Buy the shaver that gives you a warranty for the whole machine. If you buy the shaver that gives you a warranty of parts only, then you will be in trouble if that shaver’s foil or rotor head gets dysfunctional. The shaver which gives the whole piece warranty is expensive and is best to use for shaving.

Price of the Electric Shaver:

If you buy the shaver at a low price then that will be a mistake because a low-priced shaver compromises on a lot of quality parameters and is unable to give you a professional shave.

They also don’t include a warranty of the whole machine and don’t give the wet cutting capabilities or charging dock capabilities. These all are necessary capabilities that should be present in every shaver.

So when you go out to buy the shaver, don’t look at the price tag, just look for the shaver that fulfills your needs.


We have read about all the things any person should know about the shaver. Let’s discuss about the best all-rounder options that can be suitable for anyone’s needs. Buy the shaver according to your hair length as well as the skin type because individual needs vary from person to person.

For a person who wants a clean shave every day then go for the Foil Based Electric Shaver The person who needs a weekly shave then they should go for Rotary Head Based Electric Shaver.

Apart from this, your shaver must have:

  • Good warranty
  • Recharging Dock
  • Cleaning Dock
  • Wet and Dry Shaving Capabilities
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Light Weight
  • LED Display
  • Quick Charging

I hope by now you know what type of Shaver you want.