Best Razor For Shaving Head


Best Razor For Shaving Head

Searching for the Best Razor For Shaving Head? You’ve come to the right place.

Although many people regard having a full head of hair as the epitome of beauty and physical attractiveness, there is undoubtedly a certain allure and sophistication that comes with the simplicity of a bald head.

Definitely not for those of a timid nature, a shaved and smooth head takes a certain amount of courage and confidence. It also takes just as much maintenance and cares as one would give to a head full of hair. Since contrary to popular opinion, tiny stubble like growth comes out almost every day which needs to be dealt with.

That’s where the ease and convenience of head shavers come in. Razors and shavers are as old as time but luckily for us,

However, finding the right kind of shaver for your needs and specifications is not the easiest task in the world and its always better to have a few options to choose the best product. Looking for a cheap and easy fix? We recommend the Bic disposal single blade razor which is light on the wallet and for its incredibly affordable price range claims to provide that extra layer of protection that your skin on top needs.

Best Razor For Shaving Head

However, if you are still not entirely convinced we have the list of Best Razor For Shaving Head ahead for you!

  1. Andis Pro Foil Lithium

The first product today on our list is the Andis pro foil lithium which bears the mighty Andis name and along with that, also all the trust and reliability that the brand has accumulated over the years.

This razor in question has the best finish when it comes to your head hair as it tackles the all too familiar appearance of stubble like hair on the head within minutes. It is also very efficient at providing the best styling experience as it is excellent at fading and lineups.

A reason why this shaver is so efficient is due to its powerful lithium-ion battery which allows the device to function for up to 80 minutes on just one charge which is impressive as far as the average shaver goes.

The foil blades means that you will be able to get the best shave with the most protection which is a must for the head. Furthermore, the blades themselves are made of gold and titanium which combined provide the most smooth and hypoallergenic shave which minimizes any chance of irritation and redness.

The device itself is very compact ans lightweight since it weights really less. This allows the user to run it along the head for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort.

  • Great at dealing with stubble
  • Ergonomic and compact
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Pricey


  1. Wahl’s Professional 5 Star

Moving on to our next product, we have a Wahl’s device and as any experienced user knows if you want a precision based shave, you need to get yourself a Wahl’s device asap!

From the best and closest shave providing blades to the best list of accessories that you receive with the product, this device has it all!

This is a more professional product from their range which means that it should be used with caution by regular users since the blades might be a bit sharper than you are used to handling. It is commercial grade and that’s because it’s been designed to meet the requirements of professionals.

The accessories that you will receive with this product are also really nice as you will get blade oil for maintenance, 2 attachment combs, a blade guard in red colour, a cleaning brush and a user manual. These are a nice touch as you will not have to go out and buy them separately.

The device is corded but since it has an 8 foot long power cord you will not have to worry about it getting in the way or getting stuck anywhere it shouldn’t. The wire is also chemical resistant. The motor is also a plus point as it is an electromagnetic one that claims to give the user double the torque of a pivot motor. It is perfect for achieving that perfect bald head as it provides almost bald fades and closest shaves. However a potential drawback is that it is best left to the professional stylists and barbers.

  • Chemical resistant power cord
  • Closest shave
  • Additional accessories
  • Only for professionals or experts


  1. BIC Sensitive Single Blade 

The next product that we have in store for you is one that is by far the cheapest one that we have ever reviewed. This is partly because it is a disposable razor that can ideally only be used once.

You may use it again but since you are receiving 12 products per pack, we don’t see why you would feel the need to.

We’ve honestly had very mixed reviews about this product and the main negative aspects that we have seen is the fact that this might not be the ideal product for super close shaves since it is not exactly a premium quality product. However the positives range from its amazingly low price to its easy usage and great mobility since it is so small and lightweight. It practically feels weightless in one’s hand

The negative reviews obviously stem from the  fact that when you shave your head you are met with curves that you normally do not have to deal with on your face for example. So we see how this device may fall short of any expectations users held.

However we feel for the price point it is at it protects the head well from irritation and allergic reactions and provides a a decent enough shave that will last you a while.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Great performance for its price range
  • Disposable
  • Not the most precise product


  1. Braun Clipper HC5090

Next we have the Braun Clipper HC 5090 which offers blades that it claims will last a lifetime as the material is one that will last you longer than most.

It also has 17 length setting which is great if you like to experiment around with your hair but it also means that you will be able to get all those pesky hair out from your head without having to worry about irritation caused by using it a day after. Because as anyone maintaining a bald head knows, the hair grows back the very next day.

The product also offers a dual battery which means that you will never find yourself without enough juice to get the job done because let’s face it when you start shaving that head, it takes a while. The battery also does not lag even if it is in the lower percentage which means you will get a uniform clipping experience.

The best part about this product is that it is waterproof and fully wash safe which means that after you use it in the shower or at the sink, you simply will run it under some warm water, drain it out and you are done. It’s really that simple. The device also comes with a nifty memory lock that is perfect because it keeps the device locked at the last setting the user used it at which is super convenient if you find a setting which works for you.

The lock also acts as a safety lock that is perfect for while you are traveling as you can be sure that it will not turn on while it should be off. It also has an LED display light that goes off when the device is fully charged and gives an indication of when it needs a charge.

  • Perfect for travel
  • Led display
  • 17 length settings
  • Dual battery
  • None as of yet


  1. Gillette Mach3 

Our next product is the Gillette Mach 3 as it is one of the most used and popular brands in the world of shaving and hair removal. It has been around for so long that it’s products have been a benchmark for all others who wish to make a name for themselves.

The technology and features used in this product are unbelievable as the first item on our list are its incredible blades. They are coated with the company’s patented diamond like blades which make them super sharp and durable. They are strong, cut extremely close and still won’t damage your skin.


Talking about the blades further you find that they are perfectly shaped and aligned to mimic the contours of your natural body shape and since they are 3 mach 3 blades you don’t have to worry about repeated exposure to the skin as they shave more hair with each swipe.

There is also a handy moisture strip alongside the blades which Gillette calls their lubra strip that allows for a smoother process and provides nourishment to the head while you use it.

The device also pops open if you need to wash it as it is waterproof and wash safe. This also allows the user to shave their head with their favourite foaming gel or cream for that added layer of protection.

  • Lubra strip
  • Waterproof
  • Diamond like coating on blades
  • 3 blades
  • Not exactly ergonomic


  1. MERKUR Classic

Next we have the Merkur Classic which all in all a pretty good product when it comes down to it. It is lightweight and basically your traditional straight cut razor with a long handle so you get the best grip.

Apart from its compact nature and traditional design, it is also a standard double-edged one which means that you will not only receive a straight cut every time you take it out for a shave but also that your hairy head will be no match for it. Ergonomics are a very underrated feature in most handheld products but the Mach 3 delivers!

It has an anti slippage grip which is aided by the entire chrome finish that it has. This also allows for greater control when you are shaving and it makes sure that you do not cut or nick yourself via the strong grip on its handle. You also get a free blade. Of course the product itself is fully waterproof which allows for a smooth wet shave which is really necessary if you want to get the tiniest hair on your head.

Furthermore the blades are not even expensive but since they have to be replaced, that might be an issue for user’s who just don’t have the time or the money. However the blades do last you for a while so its not all bad.

It is recommended to use the product specifically by lathering on your favourite foaming gel for the best wet shave as it works best that way. It has also been suggested by the manufacturers to hold the Mach 3 at a 30 degree angle and this might be a struggle. Especially since most products already have blades that are angled.

  • Best wet shave
  • Ergonomic design
  • Waterproof
  • Could include angled blades
  • Not good for a dry shave


  1. ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit 

Moving on to our next product we have an interesting one as this product comes with an entire head-shaving kit. We are of course talking about the ATX Men’s head-shaving kit which is a complete value deal for both beginners and those who regularly opt for and maintain a bald look.

You will receive all the necessary accessories and additional attachments that you would need for the best smooth finish. The materials purchased in this kit will last you for up to 2 months which is great if you don’t have the time to go round buying all your bits and bobs.

One thing we have heard from many reviews is that the device itself looks pretty daunting however, since it is basically just one huge blade that comes with a comfortable attachment to ensure no discomfort comes to the user, it needs no charging or pesky wires.

The size is a bit on the larger side but since it is equipped with ergonomic handles that shouldn’t be a problem. One thing that is a problem is it’s unorthodox design and shape which throws the inexperienced user off. This is a flaw in some regards as its becomes hard to use if you don’t have some experience.

To fix the problem of the blade being too sharp, the Head slick lubricant is added along for the ride which is basically a gel that aids for a smoother shaving experience. Even though the entire kit itself is quite large, the price is not that expensive and it is still a very affordable product.

Since the blade is so wide, you can expect it to finish up the job in half the time as it gets more hair with each swipe.

  • Whole kit
  • Wider blade
  • Head slick
  • Ergonomic
  • Harder for inexperienced users


  1. Parker 96R

Next we have a product from Parker called the 96 R which first and foremost comes from a company with a heritage of almost 40 years of manufacturing the best quality safetys and razor blades. Next, it has some very good features that will leave you impressed.

Parker knows what features the customer needs as they have included a textured handle along for the ride. This handle ensures that the user will have a firm grip on the product at all times. So even if you’re preparing for a wet shave, there will be no slippage and you will have the best control over your device.

A major problem with the traditional safety razor is that it is very difficult to replace the blades since there is no proper mechanism to get the blades out without harming yourself. Parker fixes that problem with their butterfly doors that open by simply twisting the sides. The product also includes 5 platinum double edged razor blades that the company takes pride in manufacturing.

The entire body of the product is made from high quality brass which allows it to remain in wet conditions without rusting.

  • Durable
  • 5 blades included
  • Butterfly doors
  • Textured grip
  • Still a traditional form


  1. Gillette ProGlide

Moving on we have the Gillette pro glide which comes in from their Fusion 5 range and is a premium device equipped with flex ball technology that allows the device to pivot and flex in all directions which ensures that you will get every inch on your head with ease. It works by following the exact contours of your head and readjusting its head to that.

For an added layer of protection, you also receive 5 of their Patented anti-friction blades which work to reduce the chances of your skin getting irritated or red during the shave.

The razor is equipped with a precision trimmer behind it that makes this a two in one product worth having. The Trimmer works along the surface of your skin to rid it of hair especially from hard to reach areas such as behind the ears.

The company also claims that this latest version has a lubra strip which has been enhanced as it contains more lubrication as compared to other products.

  • Enhanced lubra strip
  • 5 anti friction blades
  • Two in one
  • Flex ball head
  • No ergonomic design


10. Head Blade ATX

Our last product for the day is the Head Blade ATX which is basically a large and singular blade designed to cover the most surface area so that your job is finished faster and more efficiently.

We have had some problems with this device in previous reviews as it can be pretty hardcore for a newbie as it is not your conventional razor with a straight forward design. And although we understand that it is not an ideal product unless you have a little experience, once you get the hang of it, it really isn’t that difficult to maneuver around your head.

What’s even better is that this version has incorporated a multi-blade technology that is better than its previous singular blade but everything still flows through the same process and design.

Once you have used the product a few times it also becomes super convenient and fast to use as it cuts hair faster and easier in one swipe. You also receive one head blade 4 blades with the packaging.

  • Multi-blade technology
  • Covers more surface area than traditional razors
  • One additional blade included
  • Still can be hard to use

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