Remington SCC100R shortcut clipper review


Trimming or shaving is definitely an art. Have you wondered what does an artist need? A tool which makes his creativity perfect. This Remington shortcut clipper is the best tool for those people who are artistic with their shaving and hair cut styles. This Remington SCC100R is the world’s only curved cutting clipper that automatically adjusts its position according to head contours. It’s very easy and comfortable to use. You just need to pass this shortcut clipper in two dimensions back and forth on your head then the rest work will be done automatically. You can find this review very helpful in purchasing a clipper.

Highlight characteristics of Remington shortcut clipper shaver:

There are many highlighting features of this Remington shortcut clipper shaver that make it a buyer’s top choice. Let’s take a look on its features that attract users the most.

  • Curved Blades technology

As we mentioned above it’s the only gadget with curved blades technology. Plus, it has an ergonomic design with curved shaped stainless steel blades. Titanium coating is responsible for its long lasting blades performance. It will prevent erosion and rust on the blades. Additionally, the blades have a self-sharpening system that keeps the razor sharp and new.

  • Hair cut kit

This shaver comes with a rechargeable haircut kit. The kit has fourteen pieces. You can easily give yourself a stylish haircut by using these kit pieces with different styles and 9 lengths combs, blades and a balding comb too.

  • Money back guarantee

Moreover, if there is any flaw in the product you can take your money back in thirty-days. Moreover, it has a two-year limited warranty.

  • Extras accessories

It comes with multiple extra accessories that are highly usable. Furthermore, the accessories included with this shortcut clipper are blading oil that keep the blade from breaking, LED charging indicator, low battery indicator, pop-up trimmer and cleaning brush.


  • This clipper is very light in weight and gives firm and strong support to the users.
  • The most important thing which makes this product so prominent from others is it’s not too loud to use.
  • It’s different comb styles manage the hair to cut very well even in those areas where other razors can’t reach such as back, neck and below the ears.
  • Furthermore, it is very easy and quick to clean. Also, all you need to do for its cleaning is just rinse it in the running water. You can also clean it with their cleaning brush.
  • The guards of this product are a little bit sensitive and changing them may require extra care.
  • This Remington SCC100R doesn’t operate when it’s charging. So, the usage might be a problem when the battery is dead.

Final word for Remington SCC100R shortcut clipper review:

Remington being an international brand is found in almost all top modern countries like UK and Canada. Moreover, this hair cut kit has everything you need for a supreme quality haircut in your own home without wasting your precious time. Also, its elegant design gives you a modern and sleek haircut. This Remington shortcut clipper review has everything you need to know about this clipper and invest your money in such an amazing brand.

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