Wahl Rechargeable Custom Shaver 7367-200 Review


Wahl Rechargeable Custom Shaver 7367-200 reviewThis Wahl Rechargeable Custom Shaver 7367-200 review is reviewed briefly with proper research and honest benchmarks.

Wahl is a promising self-grooming brand that has now been around for quite a while now. The Wahl custom shave machine is cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery. This product is a complete set that includes a high quality shaver, trimmer and comb set. It is definitely an ideal shaving kit that is portable and handy enough to take whilst you are on the go! It is definitely a great, efficient shaver that you can keep inside your bathroom and use on daily basis very easily. With ease of use comes great quality built that makes this shaver very promising and long-lasting for the users.

The Wahl custom shaver system 4000 has been getting very popular amongst people worldwide recently. In this review, we are dedicated to explore this product in further detail and talk about its entire positive and letdown features that any user has a right to know about before they make their final purchase.In 2017 Wahl Rechargeable Custom Shaver 7367-200 has been the best Head shaver so far.

Highlight features of Wahl Custom Shaver Review:

The one thing that you need to take into consideration prior to making your final purchase for an electric shaver is the features of the Wahl custom shaving machine. The features of this machine definitely make you understand the worth and capacity of this shaver better. Let’s take look at the most prominent features of this product which will make it evident why this product is an ideal choice for modern-day users.

  • Design

The design is very attractive to the eyes. Moreover, it works well in all wet conditions as well as dry.


  • Battery

A high quality ion battery inbuilt in this machine is durable and makes the device work on hours on end with a single charge.

  • Performance

The functionality results of this shaver are though not seamless but are good enough; particularly for first time users.

  • Affordability

This shaving machine falls in a very affordable budget and comes with a long term product warranty as well.

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  • The design of this shaving machine is very appealing and modern in its looks.
  • All attachments and accessories for this shaver are inside the box.
  • The exterior body is very smooth and also very easy to clean.
  • The battery life for this shaver machine is reliable and lasts for a long time on a single charge.
  • The only letdown feature that we can see about this shaver is that it does not provide as smooth shaving results as one would expect it to. So if it’s a competition between the 3 stars 5 star ratings based on its performance alone – this Wahl product would definitely end up with the lower rating.

Final word:

After a comprehensive overview of the Wahl customer shave kit, it is now safe to say that this machine is promising in its built, design and flexibility. The performance might not be 100% but then every product comes with a fair share of flaws. Nothing is perfect after all. Hence, if you are willing to overlook the bad for the good parts. As there are many good things about it, we say you should go for it without further ado. At a very reasonable price, this is definitely a great deal you strike.

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