Tapered vs. straight curling wand


Tapered vs. straight curling wand

As women and girls existing in today’s fashion forward environment, we soon learn that there are a whole lot of products that we can use to achieve an array of different hair styles and that too at home! Thanks to technological advancements, we have hair curlers such as straight regular ones and of course tapered ones.

Tapered vs. straight curling wand

Now, before we get into the different features of either style of irons, it is important to note that this isn’t a question of which one is better but is rather an exploration of what the product can do for you as both have extremely different results. So whatever result you will end up getting depends on what you are looking for in a curling wand.

Tapered Barrel:

First off we are going to dive into the specifics of a tapered barrel or what is commonly referred to as a conical wand thanks to the shape it is made in. it has a narrow tip that gets wider as you go down to the end. This style is considered one of the most versatile ones as it allows the user to use both the different sizes in its wand to make either bigger or smaller curls with just one product.


So, now we are getting to the important stuff. Why should you opt for this particular design? Well for starters it is definitely suited to users with shorter hair because the size of the barrel is designed to encourage volume while putting in the least hair possible. Since, it is such a versatile product; you should go for it if you are interested in experimenting with your looks and hair styles. It doesn’t give out the most uniform curls but that’s okay as it is a hybrid over the regular curlers.

Straight barrel:

Next, we have the classic straight barrel curling wand which is also known as the regular variety. This is probably the tool you grew up using and in all honesty, it is our favourite as you can’t mess with perfection. There is a simple clip on the front next to the iconic cylindrical barrel that this product has which open and closes to keep your hair in place. This is also what gives it that nudge when you want to let the hair slide through.

This one is the perfect tool for all beginners as it is designed to get the best and most professional curls done in the least amount of time. However there are a few let downs when it comes to this classic shape as it is far easier to burn your forehead, neck or ears while using this. This is because the user is expected to bring the hair strands as close to the root as possible for really uniform curls. It does however; take a little longer to absolutely master the technique though. Also unlike the tapered variety, this tool is not as great for users with shorter hair or those that already have slightly curly hair.

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