Can you flat iron a synthetic wig


Can you flat iron a synthetic wig

The simple answer is yes. Of course you can essentially iron out a synthetic wig, bit it depends on the kind of wig you have and also whether it is absolutely necessary to. This is because unlike our organic and natural hair, synthetic wigs are made from plastic of some form which of course will not take too kindly on being straightened out with heat. This could ultimately lead it to become damaged unless of course you proceed with caution.

Can you flat iron a synthetic wig

Make sure the hair that you are working on is made from a heat resistant synthetic material as this will ensure that you don’t end up burning your hair. Of course, since this is no easy task, there will be a need for some special tools so that you can make your wig look nice as possible without ruining it. Even though you are working on fake hair, the straightener you use must be of the top most quality and one that transfers heat uniformly is recommended.


Never straighten any kind of hair when it is wet so if you have recently washed your wig, be sure to dry it out completely! Set the straightener to a good enough amount of heat in the settings. A moderate heat is best around 200 to 250 degrees. Since this is a tricky task, it is definitely not recommended that you straighten the wig while it is on your head. However, since you need a steady canvas on which to perfect your technique, we recommend buying one of those sturdy Styrofoam wig heads and a wig stand where you can place your wig.

This will obviously make an already difficult task slightly easier so it is definitely recommended. However if you do not have this, use some alternative. For this part, get your fine toothed comb out which will allow the wig to be completely knot and tangle free. This is necessary as you don’t want to straighten your hair if it isn’t smooth and tangle free. Always use a normal to moderate temperature, kind of what you would sue on your normal hair. However, unlike your normal hair we do not recommend going in from top to bottom as the wig needs more care at the roots.

Start at the ends of your sectioned out wig strands as these need the least amount of work. Slowly straighten it out and then proceed onto the middle part which also needs to be done patiently. The next part is of course to get working on those roots and this can be hard as this is where the wigs seams are. So be careful and work with extra care around this area.

When you are done, be sure to allow the wig a couple of seconds to cool down completely. We recommend waiting for a minute even as unlike your natural hair, this material will take longer to dry and cool out completely and you can use your wig!

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